Gravity Flush Toilets

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If you’re planning to spend a reasonable amount of time travelling in your caravan than you’ll get quite some use out of your caravan toilet – that’s why we believe it’s so important to choose a model that suits your needs.

Gravity Flush Caravan Toilets:

A gravity flush toilet is the perfect choice if you’re travelling to caravan parks around Australia. These toilets use less water than a traditional household toilet and consume no energy! This is thanks to the integrated foot pedal.

Dometic Toilets:

Our Dometic toilet range includes two gravity flush models: the Dometic Traveller 511 PS and 510 PS. These particular models use less than 0.4 litres of water per flush – talk about efficient! These Dometic toilet models are permanently installed in your caravan with a holding tank underneath the toilet bowl. Then you simply stop at a destinated dump location and empty the tank.

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