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Make light work of concrete and compaction jobs with our range of rollers. Choose between walk-behind and ride-on rollers depending on your needs.

Our rollers are ideal for compacting sand, gravel, soil and asphalt on roads, pathways, parking areas and more. Even in confined areas, our broad range of rollers provide the high performance you need to create a clear path from A to B.

Walk-behind roller

If you need a versatile roller for tight and confined spaces, choose a single drum walk-behind roller. Compact and highly manoeuvrable, you can easily transport them around the job site. Plus, you benefit from an ergonomically-engineered design that ensures optimum comfort.

Another option is the dual-drum walk-behind roller. This two-in-one model is great for working on soils and aggregates as well as asphalt and bituminous materials. Choose an electric or crank start.

Ride-on rollers

Our ride-on rollers by Hoppt feature a dual-drum system and are powered by a Kubota diesel engine. They are packed with everything you need for exceptional compaction performances and easy access for maintenance.