Caravan Ovens & Grills

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Dometic MC102 Grill &  3+1 Gas/Electric Hob

Dometic MC102 Grill & 3+1 Gas/Electric Hob, 3 Year Warranty

$976 RRP: $1,055 Save: $79

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Thetford K1540 Cooker with Minigrill & Stove - Gas & Electric

Thetford K1520 Combination Cooker with Oven, Stove & Grill - Gas Only, 3 Year Warranty

$1,210 RRP: $1,615 Save: $405

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Want to enjoy gourmet cooking in your RV? Be a master chef on tour with our caravanoven and grills range.

Whether you’re a budding chef, or just want to make the perfect pancake breakfast, our range of Thetford and Dometic RV ovens will inspire you.

RV Ovens For Every Cook

Choose from four different variations, depending on your cooking and travelling style. You can buy a caravan stove only, or a cooktop and oven, a cooktop and grill, a grill only, or an all-in-one RV oven.

Will it be two, three or four burners? Dometic and Thetford both offer two, three and four burner models.

Compare brilliant features, such as removable oven doors (great for cleaning), flame failure devices, detachable and easy to clean pan stands, tinted and toughened glass lids, and more.

Once you’ve invested in an RV oven, cooking on the road will never taste the same again!