Gel Deep Cycle Batteries

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Going off grid for a while? You’ll need a 12V deep cycle battery.

Deep cycle batteries are the most popular batteries if you want the best deep cycle technology combined with superior performance.

Choose batteries from 55Ah up to 22Ah, depending on your needs.

Deep cycle battery to go the distance

We offer batteries from quality brands like Victron and Mastervolt, so you know they’re made to last.

Our range of deep cycle batteries come with an extremely long life span plus they are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Whichever deep cycle battery you choose, you can be confident that it’s designed to be cycled (discharged and recharged) many times. This means that your deep cycle battery will provide power at a steady rate over a longer period than other batteries.

Our Victron and Mastervolt batteries alsooffers a greater depth of discharge when compared to competitors.

Browse our range of deep cycle batteries in our online store now and get one delivered to your door.