Portable Marine Fridges & Refrigeration

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Find a marine fridge that meets all your demands. From fibreglass fridge freezers to fridge-only products, we’ve got the refrigeration solution to keep your food fresh and drinks cold in marine environments.

Why marine fridges?

Marine fridges are designed to operate in tough conditions. They need to withstand violent movement and vibrations. They need to be protected against marine conditions. And most important, they need to consumer minimal battery power.

Marinised fridges also feature an anti-corrosive treatment which has been applied to the internal components to protect them in marine environments.

Evakool marine fridges and freezers

Our range of Evakool fibreglass fridges ticks all the boxes. Find portable 12V/24V fridge-freezer combinations ranging from a compact 40 litres up to a spacious 150 litre capacity. Best of all, they come with a 5-year warranty, so you know you’re backed by a world-leading brand.

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