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Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator

Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator, 1 Year Warranty

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Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) petrol generators are ideal for when power is required for your more sensitive equipment, or when the generator is required to start electric motors. This is because an AVR generator provides a more stable voltage output than conventional or brushless alternators to compensate for the variation in voltage from load changes.

High Quality AVR Generators

Our range of Automatic Voltage Regulation generators are durable and manufactured to meet high quality standards. Find a comprehensive range of AVR generator products from all your favourite brands like Pramac, Yamaha, Dunlite, Genelite and Dunlite. Each one of these AVR generators is up to the task, especially when you’re working with sensitive equipment, such as laptops, power tools and mobile devices.

Add an AVR Option

In addition to our AVR generator petrol range, many AVR generators in our petrol conventional range offer the option of having AVR fitted as an additional accessory.

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