Wood Chippers

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We stock high-quality wood chippers that are engineered for ease of operation, efficiency and operator safety. For arborists, landscaping contractors, gardeners, hire and rental, and anyone who needs to get rid of wood waste, our range of wood chippers will get the job done with ease.

Choose from domestic-use wood chippers designed to chip freshly cut tree limbs up to 45mm. At the other end of the spectrum, the industrial wood chipper from Crommelins can chip tree limbs up to 100mm.

Whatever wood chipper you choose, you can rest assured it is designed with operator safety as a priority. Find models with safety features such as panic bars and emergency stop buttons to stop movement of the feed rollers.

Crommelins Wood Chippers

Our Crommelins chippers are powered by Robin engines ranging from 7HP to 14HP and come with a great set of safety and robust design features. All wood chippers from Crommelins come backed by a 2-year warranty.