Vibratory Rammers, Rollers & Compactors

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Compact soil more easily for driveways, landscaping and concreting with a plate compactor. Our plate compactor range feature top brands including Crommelins, Ammann, Stanley, Hoppt, and Meiwa.


Rammers, Rollers and Plate Compactors

Want to compact sand, gravel, or asphalt? Our vibrating plate compactors will get the job done, especially where it’s difficult to turn a vehicle. These walk-behind machines are designed to compact sand, gravel, asphalt and other non-cohesive or less cohesive materials, making them ideal for preparing footpaths, foundations, paving and more. Find diesel and petrol machines, forward-moving plate compactors and reversible plate compactors to suit your needs.

No space for a heavy-duty equipment? Our engine-powered rammers and plate compactors are lightweight enough to transport in a ute, but still have the strength and power to compact materials into a flat surface before pouring concrete or asphalt, or for patch work. When you need an on-the-spot workhorse, check out our range of smaller plate compactors which are easy to handle. Other top features include machines with an electric start, and optional rubber mats for asphalt paver application.

Compare our plate compactors, rammers and vibratory plate compactors from top brands today.