Canoes & Kayaks

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Looking for a canoe or kayak for your next adventure? Our range of canoes and kayaks has you covered.

Whether you want to row, paddle or drift along powered by a motor, we’ve got the canoe and kayak for you.

Sit on Top Kayaks

Of all the canoes and kayaks, a sit-on top kayak is one of the most popular options. We stock sit-on-top kayaks for one person or two people. So whether you want to paddle out solo or take a mate, you’ll find the right kayak for the adventure.


Another popular choice in our range of canoes and kayaks is the Old Town canoes. Easy to paddle and comfortable to ride, these are the ideal canoes for day trips, fishing expeditions or fun family camping weekends.

Our brands include the big names like Old Town, Kruze, and Ocean Kayak. Browse our online store ready for your next adventure!