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Dometic Spare Cassette CTS 4110

Dometic Spare Cassette CTS 4110

$349 RRP: $359 Save: $10

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Dometic 2 x Spare Cassette CTS 4110

Dometic 2 x Spare Cassette CTS 4110

$669 RRP: $718 Save: $49

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Looking for a toilet flange or new cassette for your caravan toilet? Here at My Generator, we stock all the must have caravan toilet accessories so you can have peace of mind when heading off grid.


Buy A Dometic Toilet Flange

Need to replace your toilet flange to avoid leakage? We’ve got you sorted. Find a toilet flange to suit your caravan toilet in our range. We sell toilet flanges for popular Dometic toilets, including the 500 series. Choose a Dometic socket flange, toilet flange with 45-degree swivel, male flange thread or a spigot flange.

Extra Peace of Mind

When you’re on the road, there’s one thing you need to work seamlessly – your caravan toilet. The last thing you want to worry about is a leaking toilet! That’s why we sell the accessories you need for your Dometic toilet. Want to fix your toilet in place? We sell the Dometic bracket and hold down kit. Need a replacement cassette? Find cassettes for Dometic Saneo and CTS toilet models so you can carry a spare and always travel with peace of mind.

Shop our range of Dometic caravan toilet accessories here at My Generator.