Concrete Troweller

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A concrete troweller is essential for anyone performing new concrete slab work. This large power tool means you can get professional-quality concrete anywhere, whether you’re a professionals or entry-level user.

We stock concrete trowellers from trusted manufacturers including Crommelins and Hoppt, so you can be confident in a level and smooth finish.

Concrete Trowellers for Every Job

Choose walk-behind concrete trowellers for smaller jobs or ride-on concrete trowellers for larger jobs. We also stock trowels that are ideal for edging jobs and tight spaces. Remember to add on accessories, such as pan, finish blades and combi blades, to meet your job’s needs.

Designed for High Performance

The best concrete trowellers will be designed with the operator in mind. That means smooth performance, stable handling and great ergonomics. Look for features including ergonomic handles for easily adjustable control, safety switch, easy to reach throttle control, and many more options that make the job easier.