Towing Mirrors

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Towing a caravan, camper trailer or even boat can be a tedious and challenging task so make sure you always have a pair of towing mirrors to get you out of trouble. The fact is towing mirrors are not an option in Australia. It’s a legal requirement to always have towing mirrors on your vehicle when you are towing something larger than the width of your towing vehicle, such as a caravan or camper trailer.


Drive Safe with Towing Mirrors

Have you ever tried to tow a camper tailer, boat or caravan without towing mirrors? It’s tough going! Your car mirrors exist to give you a good view around your car, but when you’re towing something bigger, you need maximum visibility around both vehicles to stay safe on the road. Don’t risk driving without towing mirrors. The right towing mirrors will ensure you can see the entire length of both vehicles, help eliminate blind spots and keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Towing Mirrors You Can Trust

Find towing mirrors by trusted brands including Milenco, DZ, Dometic and Camec. They’re easy to install so you can get on the road sooner and their aerodynamic design means you won’t be slowed down. Our range includes towing mirrors to fit almost all vehicles with a choice of installation methods, such as clamps, clip-on or even suction cup.