Caravan Jacks & Jockey Wheels

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Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack with Clamp & Harness Kit

Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack with Clamp & Harness Kit, 3 Year Warranty

$527 RRP: $599 Save: $72

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Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack Bundle with Jockey Wheel

Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack Bundle with Jockey Wheel, 3 Year Warranty

$519 RRP: $598 Save: $79

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Camec Trailer Valet Mover XL

Camec Trailer Valet XL, 1 Year Warranty

$1,301 RRP: $1,456 Save: $155

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All of the seasoned pros understand the importance of a level caravan, so make sure you always have a caravan jockey wheel/ jack on hand. We only stock the best brands, including Black Jack, Trail-A-Mate, ALKO, and KoJack so you can trust that every product in our range is made with quality and ease in mind.

Your Essential Caravan Jack and Movers 

The Black Jack Trailer Jack is rapidly emerging as the top choice for enhancing your caravan unhitching experience. By connecting the jack to your tow vehicle or caravan's power supply, the process is effortless. With just a button press, your caravan elevates for unhitching, eliminating the need for laborious manual winding. This innovative jack features an integrated light for nighttime use and a built-in level indicator, guaranteeing your caravan's even placement.

Are you sick of trying to reverse your caravan down your narrow driveaway or parking your caravan into pokey caravan sites? Check out the Kronings Camper Trolley range: your savvy alternative to conventional movers for effortlessly navigating campers, boats, horse trailers, and industrial haulers. Engineered to handle weights of up to 4,500 kg, this solution is a game-changer. Designed for various terrains including grass, gravel, stones, asphalt, and concrete, the Camper Trolley runs smoothly. With a 30-minute battery life and remote control operation it gets the job done. 




Your Essential Caravan Jockey Wheel

If you just need a standard jockey wheel visit our range of trusted caravan jockey wheels that are designed and tested for the Australasian market, so you know they will last the distance. For all these jockey wheel options, and more, check out our online store.