Portable Generator Reviews: Home Backup Generators

As experts in the generator space, we’ve helped thousands of Australians over the years to acquire home backup generators. Whether it be small portable generators to run a few essential appliances during a blackout, or larger whole house generators to restore full power, we’ve had the benefit of accumulating years of information and knowledge in this field.

So here, we share with you the reviews, ratings and feedback from our customers along with analysis from our in-house experts on the best home backup generators to get you through a mains power outage…whether you just want to run a few essential home appliances (lights, fridge/freezer etc.) or restore power to the whole of your home:  

#1. Yamaha EF2800i:  Rating 5/5

What Customers Say: “I’ve run this unit for around 10-11 hours a time for my dam pump and have also used it to keep the fridges running when the power is out. Most other units this size don’t have the run time, so this one gets my vote. Starts for me every time, no hassles.”  Seth Ableman, Greendale, VIC

My Generator Says: One of our favourite units in the whole range as it is so versatile: massive 11 litre fuel tank meaning you can get 17 hours of run time (quarter load) and only weighs 29 kilos. Produces a similar output to the Yamaha and Honda 3000w models, yet is over $1,000 cheaper! Great for multiple portable power requirements: one of the more popular home backup generators, but also for caravan trips, DIY jobs, small farming applications etc.

The Yamaha EF2800i inverter generator: impressive power to weight ratio and run time capacity. Great for running fridges/freezers during a blackout
Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator: Best All-Rounder?
Running your home from a small backup generator

#2. Pramac 7.2kVA S8000: Rating 5/5

What Customers Say: “During installation, my electrician commented that he was impressed with the unit and the connecting controller. After a full winter, I too am impressed – it’s started and stopped automatically as hoped and topped up our deep cycle packs when needed. It really has been seamless. I’ve checked oil levels periodically, but otherwise haven’t needed to do anything. Thank you guys.”  John Norris, Bonalbo NSW

My Generator Says: Pramac produce very high quality machines; European alternators and world class engines such as Honda. We especially like their automatic start capability and their associated connecting componentry, such as; Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels for direct connection to house/building mains, and Two-Wire Auto Start Controllers for connections to solar battery systems. Really the number 1 choice for auto-start generators in Australia with the most popular models being the 5.3kVA and 7.2kVA for either direct mains backup connection or for backup to solar powered homes.

The Pramac S8000 is one of our most popular auto-start generators for home solar and mains power back up.

#2. Yamaha EF7200E 6kva Generator: Rating 4.8/5

What Customers Say: “I’m really surprised at how quiet it is. It works extremely well, the automatic choke is a real bonus and has performed flawlessly. The generator is used as a backup for an off grid power system so I needed something reliable and this unit delivers.
Plenty of smooth, quiet power, couldn’t ask for more.”
  Keith Burggraaff , Laguna NSW

My Generator Says: Easily our best selling generator for backup to whole of home. It’s not auto-start, so most customers just have an electrician fit a manual transfer switch between the generator and their home switch board – when mains power goes out, you just manually switch over the home power source to your generator and start up the generator and you are good to go. For around $2,000 you get a significant amount of power, electric start, long rang fuel tank, Automatic Voltage Regulator fitted, and a 4 year warranty – that is compelling!

Yamaha EF7200E – elec start, AVR fitted, long range fuel tank, plus a 4 year warranty!

For those interested in full home backup power, we also recommend you consider an auto-start-gas generator; fairly new to the Australian market and are becoming increasingly popular for people on mains gas. The leading brand for gas backup generators is Generac, with state of the art units which automatically self-test and in many cases provide superior cost efficiency to their petrol and diesel counterparts.

Why a standby Generac generator

For more advice on home backup generators, check out the full domestic range, auto-start range, or contact us on 1300 400 122.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

Sean Connolly

Sean is the co-founder and Director of My Generator (mygenerator.com.au) with a keen in interest in the outdoors and power products.

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8 thoughts on “Portable Generator Reviews: Home Backup Generators”

  1. Hi Sean,
    I would love to have a chat to you about the back up generator systems as I am currently undertaking research in that field.
    Sanket Wankhede

  2. 3-phase generator, No problem. Inverter generator, No problem. But can I get a 3-phase, inverter generator?
    I want to provide a manual changeover backup for my home, wired via a changeover switch in the main switchboard. The house has a 3-phase supply (but no 3-phase equipment installed) but I don’t want to have to rewire the house to put all the critical circuits on one phase just so I can get away with a single phase generator).

    1. Hi Rob – we don’t have a 3-phase inverter generator in our range and are not aware of one in the market. However, for your application, you can look at our Three Phase Stationary range: these generators are fitted with AVR (automatic voltage regulation) to regulate the voltage output and they can be configured to directly connect to your mains switchboard to provide power to your whole home during a blackout – this connection would need to be undertaken by a qualified electrician. Hope that helps – cheers!

  3. Hi guys, looking at a standby auto start generator to provide backup power to our house in the event of blackout. Gas powered is the preference. Ta

  4. Hi guys, Just wondering if there were any reviews on the Promac Pure sine Wave generator 4kva GT040 this unit
    seemed to fit the bill as a backup unit for our needs.
    Thanks Regards Bryan

    1. Hi Bryan, thanks for your question. We don’t stock ‘Promac’ Generators (not to be confused with Pramac Generators! which we do stock) nor have we tested them, so unfortunately can’t provide any in-depth reviews or advice relating to the Promac brand and their specific models. However, I would recommend you consider the following before making your decision:
      – what kind of warranty do they offer? (read the warranty statement particulars)
      – do they have a national service agent support network? I.e. if you need your generator serviced/repaired; is there a local agent familiar the Promac range?
      – similarly, if you require spare parts; are they easily available or difficult to source? Would you have to wait prolonged periods for a spare part?

      Overall, when it comes to generators, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ mostly holds true and from our experience a ‘Premium’ brand is often the best bet, with some ‘budget’ brands suitable for limited applications. To delve further into this topic, we have a brief article here: Premium Generators vs. Budget Generators
      Many thanks.

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