Evakool Fridge Review: How do they rate?

If you’re looking for a portable fridge, Evakool is right up there with the top brands. Our Evakool Fridge Review reveals why.

A Bit of Background

You could say that Evakool are pioneers in the caravan fridge world. This family-owned Aussie business has been in the fridge game for over 30 years, which means 30 years of gathering experiences and feedback from those who use their fridges – all with the aim of building fridges that are reliable and robust enough to handle all the climates and conditions Australia can throw at us.

What Makes Evakool Stand Out

There’s a lot to like about this Australian brand, as you’ll see from our Evakool fridge review below. Here’s what makes them stand out from the rest:

  • Evakool has a fridge for practically every Australian – RVs, farmers, campers, tradies, mobile businesses, event organisers… you get the gist!
  • Each fridge has been thoroughly tested to perform in the Australian environment. They’re tough, durable and designed to deal with scorching summers that regularly soar over 40+ degrees.
  • Evakool’s fridges are assembled & commissioned right here in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland!
  • Evakool’s entire range is backed by a nationwide service agent and spare parts support network. So, you’re in safe hands for any warranty repair or spare part requirements.
  • Evakool fridges boast a very spacious setup for more effective ventilation. This is very important for your compressor to perform with optimal efficiency.
  • Evakool has cleverly designed their fridges with vibration resistant mounting, which means the fridge can withstand more bumps on the road.
  • Evakool’s purpose-designed compressor is a class above. It’s tough to get a compressor that performs reliably in Australian conditions while still providing optimal running efficiency. But Evakool has nailed it.
Evakool TMX Travelmate 65 Litre Fridge Freezer Pack Product Review

Evakool Fridge Review: Evakool Fibreglass Range

 At the top end of the Evakool offering is the Fibreglass range. These fridges are designed with Australian conditions in mind. With beefed up insulation, they will perform well even in extremely hot environments. No need for an external fridge cover on these fridges; the insulation will keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside. So, your fridge compressor doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your drinks cool, meaning you save power and the compressor has a longer life. Win, win.

Evakool RF Fibreglass

Evakool’s Fibreglass range will also get cooler faster than plastic cabinet fridges. And they don’t absorb smells, which makes them a popular choice for fishing trips.

Granted, the price tag is slightly higher for these models, but the advantages make it worthwhile. Especially when you weigh in that every fridge is Australian made and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Evakool Fibreglass 47 Litre Fridge Freezer Product Review

If you need a tough fridge, the Evakool Fridgemate has got you covered.  These models are built tough with an extra thick polyethylene exterior. It’s no wonder they’re the portable fridge of choice for tradesmen, farmers and hunters. Simply strap it in the back of your ute and rest easy in the knowledge that it will withstand flying objects hitting the exterior.

Evakool Fridge Review: Evakool TMX Travelmate Range

The ultimate all-rounder of portable fridges, the Evakool Travelmate range offers exceptional value for money whether you need a fridge for boating, 4WD, caravan/camping adventures, picnics, small events, mobile businesses and more. You get a high quality portable fridge-freezer with a 5-year warranty for several hundred dollars less than competitor models. Plus, each model comes complete with an insulated fridge cover. Bonus!

Evakool Travelmate

These Evakool fridge-freezers are lightweight and compact, featuring drop down handles so they fit neatly into your space. They also use the universal Danfoss (Secop) compressor – a decent compressor brand within the portable fridge industry.

Evakool Fridge Review: Evakool TMDZ Travelmate Dual Zone Range

Evakool has taken the exceptional Travelmate design and made them even better! These new models feature a convenient Dual Zone design allowing the user to set the unit up as a fridge / freezer, fridge / fridge or freezer / freezer! They still feature the Danfoss (Secop) Compressor, are wifi enabled and have a unique lid design, where the lids can be opened from either side or removed completely.

Best of all, the Evakool TMDZ Travelmate Dual Zone is offered in four sizes for your convenience: 43 Litre, 62 Litre, 80 Litre and 96 Litre!

Indepth Review of the TMDZ-95 Evakool Fridge

Evakool Fridge Review: Evakool Down Under Range

The newest of the Evakool range, the Down Under Series includes three models: a 47L single zone, 75L dual zone and 95L dual zone. If you need a tough fridge, the Evakool Down Under fridges have got you covered. These fridges feature the world famous SECOP compressor and have eco and max compressor speed modes.

The eco mode is recommended for ambient temperatures of 30°C or less and the max mode is recommended for ambient temperatures of 30°C or more. These modes make these fridges versatile for all conditions!

Best of all, these fridges are manufactured here in Australia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland!

New EvaKool Down Under Series

Evakool Fridge Review: Evakool Glacier XTREME

If you’re looking for a value for money fridge freezer then you must checkout the Evakool Glacier XTREME 80 Litre Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer! We love this fridge because for under $999 you get:

  • 80 litre dual zone fridge freezer.
  • Sleek, satin black powder coated metal cabinet.
  • Secop compressor.
  • Eco & Max compressor speeds.
  • Very modern digital control panel.
  • Can run off 12/24V via the Anderson plug power inlet or 240V via a power adaptor which is included.
  • 3 level battery protection.
  • LED lighting.
  • Cover included!
  • 2 year warranty.

This is easily one of our best-selling Evakool models as it is ideal for camper trailers and the back of vehicles. Why? Because it features metal cabinetry, which makes it super tough on the outside!

Our Verdict

Evakool might not be as well known as Dometic or Engel, but our Evakool fridge review proves they’re definitely worthy of the same consideration. This Australian company takes pride in manufacturing and distributing high quality portable and upright fridges with everything you need on the road. Your biggest challenge is narrowing down the Evakool ranges to find the perfect model for your next trip.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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  1. I have been considering buying an Evakool Rf fridge. However using the internal dimensions supplied by Evakool I find the claimed volume is considerably smaller than stated. Eg the RF 85 comes in at just under 80 litres . A considerable difference. Can anyone assist?. I have written 3 emails to Evakool but no reply.

  2. Hi , i have a 38l eva cool fridge which works fine until we have a hoter than average day when it cuts out and wont bring the temp down . Checked the battery and was reading 12.9 v Thanks Trevor

  3. I have just bought my tmdz 70 fridge freezer for in my van. It makes this very loud bubbling noise which is quite annoying. Is this normal for these fridges to do this. My last fridge an adventure king didn’t do this and was quite . Can someone please confirm if this is what they do or do I have a dud

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