Solar Charge Controllers & Accessories

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Whether you want a PWN or MPPT charge controller, we stock the best brands on the market. Compare products by Enerdrive, Victron, Morningstar, and more below to find the right product for your solar power system and budget.


Whether you need a PWN or MPPT charge controller to complete your solar system we’ve got you covered! You need a charge controller to regulate the power from the solar panels to the batteries, so your panels don’t overcharge and damage your batteries. Browse our range of PWN and MPPT charge controllers here at My Generator.

Why Buy MPPT Charge Controller

A MPPT "Maximum Power Point Tracking" solar charge controller is the newest and more sophisticated style on the market. An MPPT charge controller will adjust its input voltage to harvest maximum power from your solar panels and transform this power to provide the varying voltage requirement of the battery plus load. MPPT charge controllers let you have a solar array with a higher input voltage than the battery bank. Choose sizes up to 80 Amps for more flexibility for system growth.

Why Buy PWN Charge Controller?

PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation, slowly lowers the amount of power going to the batteries as they get closer to being fully charged.