Solar 4 RVs Roll of Very High Bond (VHB) Double Sided Tape


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Product Description

Solar 4 RVs Roll of Very High Bond (VHB) Double Sided Tape - 12mm x 2.3mm x 16.5m. This very high bond acrylic foam tape is strong and conformable. The strength of this tape has been tested in-house under a variety of conditions including extreme cold and heat. Solar 4 RVs recommend using very high bond tape to ensure the thermal expansion between the panels and the substrate is accommodated.

Please note: You will only require one of the mounting option! Please choose one of the mounting option in the list.


  • Fast and easy
  • High adhesion and shear properties
  • Great conformability and stretching
  • Good performance in dynamic shear
  • Good moisture and chemical resistance, ideal for exterior use
  • Creates an environment-friendly seal when bonding
  • Resists UV light for long term outdoor durability
  • Each roll has 16m of tape
  • Carrier - Acrylic foam (grey)
  • Adhesive - Acrylic
  • Liner - Red PE release film


  • Automobile industry: weather strip, side strip, nameplates, sun visor, cushioning protector, roof rubber
  • Electronics: LCD, laptop, mobile phone, PDA, fixation of backlight frame and shading
  • Others: nameplates, radiator, flexible solar panel, silk-screen and free industry


Temperature: between 0°C and + 35°C during application. Surface must be clean and free from dust and grease, clean all surfaces with iso-propyl alchohol and allow to dry. Avoid touching the tapes exposed adhesive surface in order to keep full adhesive performance. Pressure sensitive adhesive must be applied with a maximum of pressure in order to achieve maximum pressure level. The indicated level of performance will be reached after a bonding period of 24 HRS at 23 °C. 

Storage and Shelf Life:

  • Clean and dry in a well ventilated area, preferably at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C. Stored under these conditions shelf life will be a minimum of 6 months.
  • The above information is given in good faith, but the user should assure themselves that the performance of the product is sufficient for his application. The quoted values are average and should not be taken as maximum or minimum values for specific purposes. Solar 4 RVs cannot be held responsible for product failure unless full testing has been carried out. The client has to decide on the tapes suitability for their own applications.

Technical Data:

  • Thickness - 2.3mm±0.050 mic
  • Tensile strength (aluminum T-block, ASTM D-897) - ≥5,500 gf/cm2
  • 180℃ Peel adhesion(stainless steel, ASTM D-3330) - ≥4500 gf/25mm
  • Holding power (stainless steel, ASTM D-3654,80℃,1000g) - > 24 Hr
  • Dynamic shear strength - ≥3,000 gf/cm2 (Room temperature after 20 minutes)
  • Dynamic shear strength - ≥5300 gf/cm2 (Room temperature after 24 Hrs)
  • Static Shear(250g) - 10000minutes
  • Temperature resistance - 160 ℃ (Short term, 100g, 4hours)
  • Temperature resistance - 120 ℃ (Long term, 250g,10000minutes)



Brand Solar 4 RVs

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Accessories

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