Yamaha vs. Honda 2kVA Inverter Generator Showdown: Yamaha EF2000iS vs. Honda EU20i

YAMAHA vs. HONDA 2000 Watt Generator

When it comes to inverter generators, Yamaha and Honda are head and shoulders above the rest. And if you're looking for a 2000W generator for camping, caravanning or boating, there's simply no comparison between these two powerhouses and the rest of the field.

So how do you choose between them? Continue reading aboutthe da 2kVA generator.

Following from our in-depth comparison of the Yamaha EF1000iS and Honda EU10i, here we put their 2000 watt generators into battle.

Yamaha EF2000iS vs. Honda EU20i:

The Honda and Yamaha inverter generators lead the 2000-watt portable generator class. Both the Yamaha EF2000iS and Honda EU20i tick all the boxes. Reliable? Check. Lightweight? Check. Quiet, efficient and great value for money? Check, check, check.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty:

Clean power:

Both the Yamaha EF2000iS and Honda EU20i have 2000W output with inverter technology. This means they can be hooked up to sensitive electrical devices, such as computers and mobile phones, without the worry of damaging surges and fluctuations in power. Perfect for recreational use. If your appliances require over 2000 watts at peak, then you will need to consider a larger generator, as gensets are fitted with a safety overload circuit breaker that will cut out the generator when too much more than 2000 watts is drawn.

Honda EU20i
Both the Honda EU20i and the Yamaha EF2000iS have 2000W output with inverter technology

Easy Use and Maintenance:

When you look closely, the Yamaha 2000W generator is marginally easier to maintain than the Honda EU20i. While Honda recommends an extensive combustion chamber cleaning after 300 hours of use, the Yamaha only requires head cleaning after 300 hours of use or once a year, however both of these procedures would likely be undertaken by an accredited service technician. Both sets have a recoil start but unlike the Honda, the Yamaha has a handy fuel gauge so you can see when the fuel is getting low.


Look closely and you might notice that the Yamaha is slightly more compact than the Honda. The Yamaha measures 490x280x445 mm compared to the Honda's ever-so-slightly bulkier 510x290x425 mm. So if you're tight on space, the Yamaha is your best bet.

Yamaha EF2000is
The Yamaha EF2000is is a favourite for camping, fishing and 4WD trips

Weighing Up:

When we're talking about portable generators, every gram counts. And this is where the Yamaha generator comes up trumps again. The Yamaha 2000 watt inverter generator is almost a kilogram lighter. That's 1000 grams you don't need to lug from your vehicle to the campsite and back again. This makes the Yamaha EF2000iS the lightest portable generator in its class.

Quiet Please:

In the noise stakes, Yamaha and Honda are both ridiculously quiet. But the Yamaha generator takes things that little bit further with its advanced Noise Block sound reduction system. This is a specially designed set of features - a moulded case, intake silencer, sound absorbing materials, fibreglass insulation, mufflers and air fans - that takes the operating noise level down to a super quiet 51.5 dBA, which is 2.5 dBA quieter than the Honda.

Fuel Efficiency:

Here again, the Yamaha EF2000iS wins by a whisker. This impressive unit can run for up to 4.2 hours at a full load or 10.5 hours at quarter load. By comparison, the Honda 2000 watt unit will run for 4 hours at full load and 10 hours at quarter load. Both units have an economy feature that automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the load. The Yamaha unit also has a larger fuel tank with 4.4 litres compared to the Honda's 4.1 litres.

Added Extras:

The difference here really comes down to two things: DC cables and the Fuel Switch flexibility. Firstly, even though both the Yamaha EF2000iS and Honda EU20i are able to charge 12-volt batteries, only the Yamaha includes DC battery cables as standard. Secondly, the Yamaha comes with a fuel shut off switch which is separate to the on/off knob, enabling the user to turn off the fuel line when the unit is still in operation to drain the remaining fuel from the carburettor...The Honda does not have this separate knob which means that sometimes the Honda can be more difficult to start after being stored for a while, as the petrol in the carburettor can go off.

Also worth noting is that both of these models feature Parallel Connection capability, which allows you to link two EU20i generators or two EF2000iS generators by cable for close to double the output. This customer video review discusses the parallel connection feature:

Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator Review


Warranty & Support:

Neither Honda or Yamaha will leave you high and dry; both the Yamaha and Honda 2000 watt models boast a generous four-year domestic warranty, backed by the manufacturers' national service networks.


The Winner:

We'll admit that you can't really go wrong with either of these units for your camping and caravanning power needs. But if you really want the best 2000W in the market, the Yamaha EF2000iS is smaller, lighter, quieter and has a longer running time. A worthy champion with some nice additional extras.

Yamaha EF2000iS vs. Honda EU20i Comparison Table:


Yamaha EF2000iS Honda EU20i

Maximum Output:

2000 Watts 2000 Watts

Rated (Continuous) Output:

1600 Watts 1600 Watts

Operating Hours (1/4 Load):

10.5 hrs 10 hrs

Fuel Tank Capacity:

4.4 Litres 4.1 Litres

Size (L x W x H):

490 x 280 x 445 mm 510 x 290 x 425 mm

Dry Weight:

20 kg 21 kg

Noise Level (1/4 Load / 7m):

51.5 dBA 54 dBA (Eco On)

Starting System:

Recoil Recoil

Fuel Gauge Monitor:

Yes No
DC Output:



Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator: Features and Benefits


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

20 thoughts on Yamaha vs. Honda 2kVA Inverter Generator Showdown: Yamaha EF2000iS vs. Honda EU20i

4 August 2018
Hi, I want to run some lights and 1 or 2 power tools at a time in a shed etc making furniture so forth. I have very little budget. First of all can most generators do this ok. Secondly, if so what is the best budget gen I could use please. Budget less than $700. cheers Jase

My Generator Response
Hi Jason, If you are looking for a budget generator to run basic power tool, I would recommend a small Honda Powered conventional petrol generator. The Gentech Honda 2.8kVA Generator will power an electric drill, an orbital sander and other basic power tools that draw 2000W or less. Paul

15 May 2018
You quote a price of $1519 (in 2015) with free delivery above yet when I go to purchase it is $1699 plus $30 delivery. That's a huge difference...... The first price was 2015 and the second 2018,,,,,,,,aren't products suppose to go down in price over time?

30 March 2018
Hi, Just sharing my experience with running an Ibis Air Command air con unit, which is that the Honda Eu2000i can cope, but you have to take it off eco mode and run it full throttle. Also turn off all other electrical units like fridge (run on gas if you have a 3-way), microwave, hot water etc and start the air con running on just the fan to begin with. Then once it is "warmed up", switch it to cooling or heating and after the initial surge of power (which it should cope with), the unit settles down and runs the air con on around 1300W. I was very pleased to achieve this, as I was not succeeding when running the Honda on eco mode - then it cuts out on overload. Hope this helps folks.

15 August 2017
Will a Honda 2000w run this https://www.caravansplus.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=9107

My Generator Response
Hi Phil, We recommend the Yamaha 2400W Inverter Generator - EF2400iS to start and run the Air Command Cormorant Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner. Customer's all around the country have been supplied with the EF2400iS and find that the 2400W gives them that extra power required when out on the road with your creature comforts from home. Feel free to call 1300 400 122 to speak to a product expert today. Regards Paul

19 May 2017
I am wondering if a 1000 or 2000 watt portable generator on board of my catamaran would be of an added value when it comes to charging my batteries. My battery bank is 800 Ah and I have a Victron multiplus 3000, able to charge the batteries with max. 120 A - 12V. My diesel engine dynamo can supply 50 Amps when running at 1500 rpm (1.5 ltr/hr). How much amps would I get out of the 1000is or 2000is when connected to the multiplus for charging? Would it be a good idea to use a 1000 or 2000 watts generator instead of the inboard engine? Thanks! Frank

My Generator Response
Hi Frank, Although we do not sell the Victron 3000 Multiplus, my research tells me that this product can draw nearly 10amps at 240V ac when on full charge. The Victron 3000 Multi plus should have an option to in the control panel to set a Maximum Current draw from generator power. If you can set this max current below 1600W or 6.5 AMps at 240 VAC, then the Yamaha EF2000iS would be a suitable option. The fuel efficiency of the EF2000iS is Approximately 1L/Hour at full load and it is petrol. Sounds like the Diesel engine is more efficient. However, if the Diesel Engine is producing 50Amps DC (so at 24V), then it would be a better idea to go with the 2000w generator. Many thanks

1 May 2017
I notice that in the previous question you do not mention the actual RRP for todays market. You do give a price way back in 2014. Can you please quote me the price for both 2kva generators cheers jj

My Generator Response
Hi Jon, sure: as at 2nd May 2017, we have the Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator the RRP is $2,242 (inc GST) and we currently have the unit on sale for $1,799 (inc GST) including bonus items; dust cover, security cable and 1 litre bottle of oil. The product page has a freight calculator to provide you a shipping cost to your location. Please note that prices are constantly changing due to stock levels, exchange rates and manufacturer's pricing. Many thanks

14 April 2017
Hi, I'm wanting some portable power for my external garage. Would this be able run power tools, such as drills and angle grinders, okay? Could it also run fluoro lighting at the same time? Thanks.

My Generator Response
Hi Jay, the short answer is; it depends. Different tools (drills, grinders etc.) come in different sizes and models. Some would be ok using a 2000 watt generator, others would require a larger generator. The best way to find out is to refer to the product manual or contact the tool manufacturer and speak to their technical department; the important piece of information you require is the the starting or 'surge' power (in watts). Because these tools use an electric motor, they will have a max surge wattage to start up, and then drop back down to a running wattage amount. Once you have they important starting power wattage number for your particular tools, you can size your generator accordingly. Hope that helps, thank you.

1 December 2016
Hello, I was wondering if these units have been tested against outback and offshore marine HF radio usage. Conventional generators are rarely a problem, but we recently had experience of an inverter-style Honda unit in an adjacent campsite that basically wiped out any form of radio reception. Also, the extreme cost, when compared to overseas makes me suspicious that we are getting any kind of value in Australia. The Honda EU retails for US$900-1000 in the US, which works out at AUD$1200-$1350. In the light of this, and the interference issues, I'll stick with my old clunker for now!

My Generator Response
Hi Jon, thanks for your questions. I'd be inclined to talk to your radio manufacturer about the interference...I'm not suggesting that it was an issue with the radio, but I suspect they would be better suited to comment on what type of appliances might interfere with your radio usage, such as an inverter generator perhaps. In terms of cost - I tend to agree with you. For many premium brand imported goods; cars, electronics, power equipment etc. Australia does have relatively high pricing. As a retailer, we acquire our goods from the manufacturers and endeavor to provide the Australian market the best value that we can. Thanks again.

28 September 2016
Hi, I have been advised that one should not use the inverter generator with an inverter welder, is this correct? I had hoped to have portable power on the farm and do some light duty welding. Thanks

My Generator Response
Hi Walter, we occasionally get this question and similar questions relating to running welders from generators. Our recommended approach is to contact the manufacturer of the welder and speak to their technical department for their advice on what type of generator would/would not be suitable for your particular make and model of welder. Because there are so many different types of welders these days, we find this approach to be the safest way of ensuring you get the right type and size generator to run your welder. Thanks

27 August 2016
Can you tell me if the Yamaha is pure sine wave?

My Generator Response
Hi Rebecca - most certainly yes. All of our inverter generators deliver pure sine wave power, suitable to run sensitive electronic appliances like laptops, mobile phones, charging camera equipment etc. Thanks!

29 June 2016
Ive herd that you shouldn't mix salt water and a portable gen set. Do you know why that is? I'm looking to take one with me when I go off sore fishing, maybe over night sometimes, will mainly be used for lights, battery charger and the kettle for a cuppa in the morning. Can you see any reason why I shouldn't take one with me. Cheers Wayne

My Generator Response
Hi Wayne, many customers do buy small portable generators to take on boats for your type of intended application. Just be aware that these generators are not marine grade (marinised) with stainless steel components etc. so prolonged exposure can cause corrosion issues. There are marine grade generators available, however these are typically much larger gensets and are quite expensive. For occasional fishing, recreational boating etc. a portable inverter generator is very popular. Thanks

16 May 2016
Hi, can you seng a email when the yamaha ef2000is is on sale for $1519 with free delivery again? Regards darryl

My Generator Response
Hi Darryl, it could be a while before the price for the EF2000iS drops back to that level again - that price was back in 2014 when the AUD was much stronger. On the back of a weaker AUD, as at today (May 2016) the current price for the Yamaha EF2000iS is $1,799 which includes a bonus pack of oil and a Yamaha dust cover. Let us know if we can help you further - thanks.

11 December 2015
Honda assured me that they have a 3.6 kW start up for air cons thats the 2 kW model that will run my air con 3.2 kW start up you don't mention that in your info

My Generator Response
Hi Craig, we wouldn't be so sure about that. We get calls everyday from customers who have a 2000w generator (including the Honda EU20i) that won't run their caravan air-con unit (many caravan air-con units peak at well over 2000 watts). We find this is often the case when running the air-con in hotter climates (e.g. the north end of Aust). Manufacturer's state the peak wattage of their generators in the product spec details. For caravan air-con units, it is strongly recommend you contact the manufacturer and find out the peak watts required (as you have already obtained) and then select the right generator based on that. Often the caravan air-con brands (e.g. Dometic, Ibis Air-Command, Coleman etc.) have tested all their air-con models against the leading generator brands and their technical dept. can recommend the best generator option(s). Thanks.

9 December 2015
Hi there sean do you do a package deal with the yamaha gen with accessories like vinyl dust cover security cable 1ltr oil 5 year warranty and free delivery? if so what price? If the price is right I will put in an order today. Thanks

My Generator Response
Hi Daniel, yes we do offer a free bonus package deal with most of the Yamaha Inverter models. Free Shipping is often included with many of the models also - this just depends on stock levels at the time; on our website the products will be marked with 'Free Shipping'. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 400 122 if we can help any further. Cheers!

24 October 2015
Looking for a lightweight generator that can run two 15amp cables into a food van.

My Generator Response
Hi Kym, there are quite a few good inverter generator options that we recommend for running a food van. It all depends the equipment you intend to run and how much power they draw. Perhaps the best thing to do is read our article on Food Van Generators here. In particular, at the bottom of the article is a video of a food van operator who uses a wattage meter to measure how much his particular appliances draw and therefore what size generator he needs. In short, the Yamaha EF2000iS is a popular lightweight generator for smaller tasks and can be connected to another EF2000iS unit to almost double the power output, which can be a handy option for some food van owners. At the larger end, the Yamaha EF6300iS is also very popular for mobile food trucks and coffee vans - this unit is often required to power larger items such as coffee machines, deep fryers, bain marie's etc. Again, it all depends on the power draw of your appliances so be sure to get the correct details relating to the maximum wattage draw of your appliances. Thanks

4 August 2015
hi there why does the combustion chamber need cleaning and how much does it cost or can a fairly competent bush mechanic handle the job?

My Generator Response
Hi Tony - this would need to be undertaken by a accredited service technician. For both Honda and Yamaha, there are several hundred approved service agents around the country. Thanks

23 July 2015
My Honda 2.0 will not drive the A/C in my caravan, any suggestions? Cheers Leon

My Generator Response
Hi Leon, We'd recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the A/C unit and find out what the peak and running wattage is for your particular model. Once you know this information you can correctly size the right generator. Many caravan A/C units will peak at well over 2000 watts and so the most popular models for your application are: Yamaha 2400w Inverter Generator Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator Yamaha 2800w Inverter Generator Yamaha 3000w Inverter Generator Just be sure to get those wattage details for your particular Air Con unit so you know which one of the above models can run it. Cheers, Steve

13 June 2015
Hi Sean , will they run an Ibis 3 air con on a caravan drawing 5.8 amps cooling & 5.5 amps heating? Regards Col

My Generator Response
Hi Col - We'd recommend you give Ibis a quick call and ask for the guys in the Service Department (08 8345 8444) to get clarification on the starting wattage for your particular Ibis model. Those amperage numbers you are quoting could be the running or starting wattage...so best give them a call and find out your model's exact starting wattage to be 100% sure. In our experience, the Ibis Service staff are very helpful. Once you have the starting wattage number, you can then choose the right generator size. Cheers, Steve

6 May 2015
Sean, can you please clarify for me the number of 240v outlets provided by the two models? The Honda appears to have two, whereas the Yamaha only appears to have one. Is that correct? Thanks

My Generator Response
Hi Russell, yes you are correct; 2 x outlets for the Honda and 1 x outlet for the Yamaha. Most users (including us) connect a powerboard to the generator when running multiple appliances at one time. Hope that helps, cheers! Sean

28 November 2014
G'Day Sean, What price is the Yamaha 2000 compared to the Honda? Thanks

My Generator Response
G'Day Trevor, The prices of our products fluctuate from time to time based on stock levels, promotional campaigns and terms with the manufacturer. As at the date of this question, our price for the Yamaha EF2000iS is $1,519 with Free Delivery. The Honda EU20i is about $1,600. Also worth noting that we have a Price Match Guarantee on our products, so you will get the lowest prices available. Cheers!

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