The Lightest Caravan Air Conditioners

Lightweight caravans might be the hottest trend, but what happens when the temperature really rises on your road trip? Luckily, the top caravan appliance manufacturers have been innovating and you can now buy a lightweight caravan air conditioner.

Before we dive into the newest models, let's talk about the benefits of lightweight caravan air conditioners.


Why Buy A Lightweight Caravan Air Conditioner?


It's no secret that rooftop air conditioners add weight to the roof, which impacts the lifting mechanism for pop-tops and camper trailers. A lightweight caravan air conditioner means you no longer have to swelter through your trip.

It also means less overall weight in your caravan or camper trailer, so you are more fuel efficient on the road.

Which Lightweight Caravan Air Conditioner To Buy?


There are four top models to choose from:

Truma Aventa


The Truma Aventa Comfort Roof Top Air Conditioner weighs in at just 33kg and is the slimmest air distributor on the market.

It not only boasts powerful cooling but also offers energy-saving reverse cycle heating. Another thing we love about this unit is that it also features LED lighting which can be dimmed for atmosphere.

The Truma Aventa can be retrofitted quickly and easily in standard roof vent cut out of 400 x 400 mm.

Best for: Vehicle lengths up to 7.5m.


Dometic Harrier Lite


Dometic has hit the mark again with this powerful and lightweight caravan air conditioner. The Dometic Harrier Lite has been specially designed for small to medium-sized caravans, pop-tops and campers.

How light is lite? A cool 36kg.

You'll be happy to hear that this unit also features the same outstanding dual-cylinder inverter compressor as the Dometic Ibis 4. This means you only need a 2000W inverter generator to get your air con up and running.

Other highlights include a sleep mode, timer function, cold plasma air purification and oscillating outlet doors.

Best for: Vehicle lengths up to 7m.

Pro tip: pair this air conditioner with the new Dometic inverter generator, designed specifically to run their caravan air conditioners.


Dometic Sparrow


Got a vehicle up to around 5 metres in length? This lightweight caravan air conditioner is for you.

The Dometic Sparrow is a lightweight rooftop style unit designed for smaller RVs. It's got an ultra-low profile for less drag when towing, not to mention greater clearance in carports and garages.

It might only weigh 31kg but it still has a cooling capacity of 1.7 kW and three blower speeds.

Other highlights include an automatic de-ice setting for low ambient heating operation, sleep timer, and a dehumidify functionality.

Best for: Vehicle lengths up to 5m.

Please note: unfortunately this Dometic air conditioner has now been discontinued, but Dometic have several incredible air conditioners we highly recommend!

DOMETIC | Sean Scott Relies on Dometic Air Conditioners


Other Options?

If you're after something slightly larger in terms of cooling capacity, but still with a sleek, low profile design then check out the Dometic Ibis 4 Rooftop Airconditioner - released in Australia in 2019 this model is the upgrade from the Ibis 3 version. The Ibis 4 is now 8 kilograms lighter than the ealier model and incoporates inverter technology reducing vibration and start up power requirements. Check out more details on this new model by CLICKING HERE and you can watch the video review below:

Dometic Ibis 4 Review


What's Next?

Ready to buy? Get everything you need for your lightweight caravan air conditioner, including ducting and installation kits, in our online store.

Not sure what you need? Get started with our Caravan Air Conditioner Buyers Guide.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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