Maintenance Tips For Storing a Caravan, Camper Trailer or RV

You've arrived home sweet home from your trip, relaxed and full of stories from your adventures. But before you stow away your caravan and download to your mates, there are a few things you need to take care of. We're not just talking about the dirty pile of laundry.

Storing your caravan comes with a few important tasks like covering your van. Tick these off now and your vehicle will be tip, top and ready to go for your next adventure. Better still, some TLC will ensure that your investment will last you for many trips to come.


Use This Checklist Before Storing Your Caravan:


1. Stock Up On Essentials:

Replace and fill up first aid kits, fire extinguishers and fire blankets on-board. You might only have used a couple of band-aids on your last trip, but it's always worth double checking that it's ready to go for an emergency.

Ensure you have the tools for an emergency including a first aid kit, fire blanket and fire extinguisher!


2. Battery Maintenance:

This maintenance trick is often overlooked, but it's critical to maintain a caravan/RV battery during storage. Caravan batteries, like those of most cars, run flat when in storage for a while.

Keep a constant charge going to the RV, with a built-in charger. Got a trickle charger installed? Look at adding a waterproof surge protector if you're at a caravan park. If at home you will require a power adapter.

This is also a good time to do some quick maintenance checks. Disconnect the battery, then clean any dirt and grime, before drying the battery. Check all terminals, screws and clamps are completely clean, tight and free of rust and corrosion. You should also test the battery using a voltmeter or hydrometer.

It is critical to maintain your caravan battery during storage!


3. Prepare Your Fridge For Storage:

Remove all food and beverage from your fridge and give it a good clean so you don't have to worry about mold when you take your caravan out of storage.

Turn off, defrost your fridge, and dry the excess water. Then clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth and mild detergent. If you're unsure what cleaning products are suitable for your model, check the manual. Finally, leave the fridge and freezer doors open. Head over to this article for more fridge maintenance tips.

Remove all food & beverage from your caravan fridge and give it a good clean before putting your van in storage


4. Clean Your Caravan Awning

Just like your caravan fridge, it is important to clean your caravan awning before storage to prevent mold and mildew from growing! We recommend using warm, soapy water to clean your awning and leaving it fully extended to dry. It is important your awning is completely dry before you pack it away, otherwise mold will grow during storage and it will completely defeat the purpose!


5. Refill Gas:

Refill and turn off your gas bottles. You don't want to worry about running out of gas when you hit the road again!


6. Empty Your Water Tanks

It is important to drain all water tanks in your van before storage. This will ensure bacteria does not breeds and deteriorates the material of your tank. Don't forget to rinse your water tanks before refilling them after storage!


7. Wash Down Your Vehicle:

There's nothing like a pressure washer to clean your vehicle before storage! We recommend a small pressure washer, like these Stanley models.


8. Keep It Level:

Do you have a gas fridge? You'll need to keep the caravan level. Even if it's out of level by just a few degrees, the fridge may not work at all. You can't always park on level ground, so check out this range of chocks, levels and stabilisers that can help. We recommend these levelling ramps, which are the tallest and widest level ever made for a caravan or motor home.

9. Cover Up:

The final step before storing your caravan is to cover it up. We recommend a UV rated caravan cover that will protect it from the harsh Aussie elements. You should also cover up your coupling with a weatherproof cover, even if it's simply a bucket. Remember to close the window blinds and curtains to prevent the sun fading any soft furnishings.

Camec offers an extensive range of premium caravan covers that are designed for the harsh Australian conditions

Take your time to check off the list before storing your caravan and you'll be good to go whenever spontaneity calls. Check out our website today for all your Caravan, Camper Trailer or RV maintenance needs!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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