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Small generators are very popular in Australia providing portable power solutions for various applications.

They come in two distinct styles: Small Inverter Generators and Small Portable Generators.

Small Inverter Generators range in size from 800W to 6500W and provide clean, stable power. These models are super fuel efficent, quiet and can be used to run sensitive electronics like mobile phones, TV's, laptops etc. Most popular for; camping, caravan use, backup power to home appliances during a blackout, small business use where running electronic appliances is required. 

Small Portable Generators range in size from 2kva to 8kva and provide a more robust power delivery. The capacitor style alternator can handle the varying power demands of applicanes like power tools that typically have a higher starting wattage. Most popular for; tradesmen, professional contractors or farmers wanting to run work tools and equipment. 

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Here is a quick video on one of the most popular small generators on the market, the Cromtech 2400W Inverter Generator:


Small Portable Generator For Home Backup Power: