12V Inverter Chargers

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These 12V inverter chargers combine an inverter and charger in one package.A 12V inverter charger can make a difference to your power supply by converting AC power to DC power or vice versa according to your needs.

What is a 12V Inverter Charger?

A 12V inverter charger is a reliable power sources for continuous backup. They typically have two modes:

1) Inverter ModeThecommon off-grid inverter application where DC power from the batteries is converted into AC power for home appliances. During a mains power outage, inverter chargers automatically switch from mains power to battery backup power.

2) Standby / Charger Mode– The unit operates as a battery charger to convert incoming AC power into DC to charge the battery.

12V inverter chargers are extremely handy for adventures while camping, caravanning and boating. But the applications are not just limited to recreational purposes. There’s even more that these 12V inverter chargers can do. They’re great for use with solar panels, trucks and other mobile vehicles, too.

Browse our range of Victron and Enerdrive 12V inverter chargers. Both of these brands are known for their sophisticated features such as remote monitoring via the internet.