Victron MultiPlus-II Inverter Charger 12/3000/120-32


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Product Description

Victron Multiplus-II Inverter Charger 12V / 3000VA / 120A Battery Charger with 32A AC Transfer Switch, 5 Year Warranty.  The MultiPlus-II combines the functions of the MultiPlus and the MultiGrid. It has all the features of the MultiPlus, plus an external current transformer option to implement PowerControl and PowerAssist and to optimize self-consumption with external current sensing (max. 32A). It also has all the features of the MultiGrid with built-in anti-islanding and an increasingly long list of country approvals.


The MultiPlus-II will prevent overload of a limited AC source, such as a generator or shore power connection. First, battery charging will automatically be reduced when otherwise an overload would occur. The second level will boost the output of a generator or shore side supply with power taken from the battery.

ESS: Energy Storage Systems:

The MultiPlus-II is the key component in a Victron ESS system, providing the flexibility to combine with MPPT Solar Chargers or Grid-tie PV Inverters. For examples and more detailed information see the ESS (Energy Storage System) manual.

Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function):
In the event of a grid failure, or when shore or generator power is disconnected, the inverter within the Multi is automatically activated and takes over the supply to the connected loads. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.

Remote Monitoring and Control:
Monitor and control your Multi and system or systems' locally (LAN) or remotely via the internet from anywhere in the world, using the free VRM app and free VRM portal website. Access can be from a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC for multiple operating systems. There is no end to the level of control, via the required Color Control GX or Venus GX, from adjusting your Multi to auto-starting a back generator and more...


Product Card

Product Manual


SKU PMP122305010

Brand Victron

GTIN 8719076048916

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Product Category Power Inverter Chargers

Output Current Rating (Amps) 120

Model MultiPlus 12/3000/120-32

Product Type Inverter and charger in one package

Wattage (W) 2400

Charge voltage 'storage' 13.2V

Output Voltage and Frequency 230 Vac ± 2% / 50 Hz ± 0.1%

Input Voltage 9.5 - 17 V

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 147 x 275 x 546

Net Weight (kg) 19

Inverter Output Continuous Watts 2400W (continuous output power at 25­­°C)

Charge voltage 'absorption' 14.4V

Peak power 5500W

Operating temperature range -40 to +65°C (fan assisted cooling)

No load power consumption 13W | 3W in search mode

AC Input 187 - 265 VAC | 45 - 65 Hz

Charge Voltage Float - Wet (25 degrees)** 13.8V

Output Power 2400W (continuous output power at 25­­°C) | 2200W (continuous output power at 40­­°C) | 1700W (continuous output power at 65­­°C)

NOTE For further specifications and performance details, please download the PRODUCT CARD under our Product Details tab

Inverter Output Nominal Efficiency 93% (maximum)


MultiPlus-II introduction


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Can these chargers take solar input?

    No, the battery charging component is an AC input, meaning only AC power (mains power) can charge through this unit. 

  • What is the number on the end of the Victron Inverter Chargers in reference to? ie. 32

    The numerical sequence at the end of the Victron Inverter Charger model, such as "32" in the Victron MultiPlus-II Inverter Charger 12/3000/120-32, provides vital information about the unit's capabilities. In this case, the numbers 12/3000/120-32 convey specific details about its functionality:

    Voltage: The "12" indicates that this Inverter Charger operates at a 12-volt DC input. This means it is designed to work with a 12-volt battery system.

    Output Rating: The "3000" stands for the unit's continuous output rating, which is 3000VA (or 2400 watts). This tells you its ability to supply power to your appliances and devices.

    Battery Charger Current: The "120" signifies the unit's impressive 120-amp battery charger capacity. This means it can efficiently charge your battery bank at a rate of up to 120 amps.

    Maximum AC Input Current: The "32" represents the maximum AC input current, which is 32 amps. This is particularly important if you're connecting the unit to an external power source, as it indicates the maximum current it can draw from that source.


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