48V Inverter Chargers

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These 48V inverter chargers combine an inverter and charger in one durable and convenient unit. Our range starts at 430W and increases to 12kW, with 6Amps up to 200Amps.

How Do 48v Inverter Chargers Work?

Inverter chargers work in two different ways. Whenever AC power is available, such as from mains power for example, the inverter charger acts as a battery charger. It converts AC power into DC power which is then used to charge your batteries. Meanwhile, the mains power or generator run the appliances.

The other purpose of a 48V inverter charger is to convert DC power into AC power, which can then be used to run appliances and other electrical equipment. If the grid or generator fails, the inverter charger kicks in to power up the load. Then, when the main power or generator is reconnected, the inverter charger goes back to charging the battery.

This makes 48V inverter chargers a great addition to solar powered homes, but that’s not the only application that they’re useful for. You can add one of these to your mobile work vehicle, RV or boat.

Compare our Victron 48V inverter chargers with other brands to see which features meet your needs.