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Enerdrive 160W Folding Solar Panel Kit

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Quick Overview

Enerdrive 160W Folding Solar Panel, 10 Amp Solar Controllor with kit, 2yr warranty

Product Description

Enerdrive 160W Folding Solar Panel Kit

Included in the kit is a 10amp Enerdrive Solar controller which is completely waterproof for your peace of mind if you do happen to leave the kit outside.


  • Quality Mono-Crystalline solar panels with solid 35mm double channel aluminium frames
  • Sturdy legs to provide you with the best angle for the panels to the sun
  • 5 meters of easy plug and play battery leads
  • A quality 10amp solar regulator with adjustable flooded or sealed type battery switch modes
  • A strong, durable canvas bag with carry pouch for all accessories
  • Locally supported 2 year product warranty with spare parts on demand

On an average day, you can expect approximately the following amperage into your battery:

  • Average daily sun hours : 5.5 hrs
  • Average daily current to battery : Approx 35 + amp hours
  • Anticipated run time for a typical 50 Litre portable camp fridge (assuming 50% depth of discharge to your 100 amp hour battery) : Up to 3 days
  • Test Conditions : 1000W/m² , AM1.5 , 25°C

To choose a Solar Charge Controller for your Enerdrive Solar Panel, click here.

Enerdrive Product Brochure


Short Description

Enerdrive 160W Folding Solar Panel, 10 Amp Solar Controllor with kit, 2yr warranty

Brands Enerdrive
Solar Panel Type Folding Solar Panels
Product Type Solar panel
Wattage 160W
Max Power Voltage Vm(V) 18
Max Power Current Im(A) 8.9
Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V) 22
Short Circuit Current Isc(A) 9.36
Max System Voltage (VDC) 1000
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Folded (WxHxD) : 670(w) x 780(h) x 85(d) , Open (WxHxD) : 1350(w) x 780(h) x 40(d)
Net Weight (kg) 15.5 Kg
Popular Product Applications Camping solar panels, 12V solar panel, portable solar panels, camping solar system, foldable solar panel, Enerdrive solar panels

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Powering Your Trip With Caravan or Camping Solar Panels

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:does this Enerdrive folding panel have MPPT or PWM fitted?

    Hi Darryl, The Enerdrive folding solar panels come with a PWM regulator.

  • Q:Can folding (portable) solar panels be permanently fixed to the top of a motorhome/caravan?

    Hi there, fixing portable/foldable solar panels to a Recreational Vehicle is not really common practice... the regulator is placed behind the panels and you connect your Anderson connections into it. You will not be able to access the regulator if you fix the panels.

    You could run wiring from the panels inside the vehicle, but there are fixed panels that you can purchase that are set up like this it can be done, but its not typical, as you can buy fixed panels within our RV solar range which are designed for being fixed to a vehicle. 

    Many thanks

  • Q:What’s the difference between Mono & Polycrystalline solar cells?

    There's actually not a whole lot of difference when it comes to Caravan, RV and Camping applications to be honest. They are different cell types and are more relevant for home grid tied roof top.

    You will read that poly are better in low light conditions and mono are more efficient. But for roof top caravan's the difference is negligible.

    The most important thing is to get a well-constructed roof top panel from a quality brand and get the right sizing for your application.



For details relating to the Enerdrive delivery process CLICK HERE



For details relating to the Enerdrive warranty CLICK HERE

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