Rapid Tool

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Rapid Tool is a company that knows the importance of good quality concreting tools. When manufacturing their products, Rapid Tool strives for excellence, innovation and affordability. Because when there’s work to be done, solid and reliable tools make all the difference. If you’re in the concreting business, Rapid Tool products will save you time, effort and hassle.

Save Time With Rapid Tool Concreting Tools

Manual rebar tying is one of the toughest jobs on site. Invest in a Rapid Tool rebar tie machine and get the job done faster and with more ease. The same applies for rebar cutting. It’s a heavy job but with a Rapid Tool rebar cutter makes light work of it.

If your job requires rebar bending, a Rapid Tool rebar bender will reduce the amount of manual labour needed so you can prevent stress on your body and finish the job sooner. These products have been thoroughly tested in harsh conditions on site, so you know you’re getting a good product that can handle the work.


RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine