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Find a cost-effective generator to suit your energy requirements with OzPower Generators. OzPower is an Australian-based manufacturer of equipment for power generation.  Our selection of OzPower generators is extensive and versatile, ranging from 11kVA up to 220kVA. Whether you need an energy solution for work, or home, OzPower generators are suitable for many applications. The engines are based on Japanese and European designs, and are thoroughly tested to ensure you get a safe and reliable product.

OzPower Generators – a Budget-Friendly Alternative

OzPower generators are economical to purchase – designed as a cost-effective alternative to mainstream brands. With single phase diesel stationary generators and three phase diesel stationary generators, the range of OzPower generators is especially practical for residential and business back-up and low-duty-cycle applications. Don’t wait any longer to get your power supply sorted out- check out our online store to view all the different models. 

 Genelite Ozpower Silenced Diesel Generator