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Cummins is a big name in the power generation business. Based in the United States in Indiana, Cummins designs, manufactures and distributes engines, filtration and power gen products. worldwide. Cummins is no doubt one of the global leaders in power solution technology which is why we offer a selection of Cummins generators to you in our online store. 

Cummins Generator

If you’re looking for a power solution for construction and mining applications, you can’t go past a Cummins generator. With meticulously designed engines, Cummins generators deliver exceptional dependability, reliability, and productivity in the most challenging mining and construction environments.

Cummins generators range from 16kVA to 220kVA, and they’re all three phase CPG diesel-powered. Because Cummins knows that uptime is critical in mining and construction industries, Cummins generators are fully supported with a worldwide warranty and backed by an extensive parts and service network. Shop Cummins products in our online store and talk to us about the best choice for you.