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Founded in 1963, MOSA is an Italian company that specialises in the manufacture of welders and generators. Over the decades, the company has built a reputation for high quality production and reliability with MOSA generators, lighting towers and more. All those years of experience mean that MOSA products can be found all over the globe.  If you’re looking for a generator or lighting tower, MOSA offers a variety of products to suit your needs.

MOSA Generators are Perfect for Domestic and Commercial Use

Whether you need backup power at home or at work, there are a number of MOSA generators to choose from that tick every box on your list. This includes domestic generators, portable trade generators and stationary generators. All MOSA generators are excellent quality and offer great reliability. If you need a lighting tower, consider this Italian brand for exceptional quality. Lighting towers can be hooked up to a MOSA generator to provide plenty of light. Just switch them on and illuminate.

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