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Projecta has everything for your power requirements. An Australian company headquartered in Knoxfield, Victoria, Projecta has offices right around Australia as well as a distribution centre in New Zealand. Projecta is a market leader for battery power and battery maintenance products, so they really know their stuff.

If you’re looking for a quality battery, Projecta batteries are a solid choice. Why not pick up a Projecta battery charger to keep your new battery charged? Projecta battery chargers are a safe and practical way to charge all your vehicle and marine (starting) batteries. Not sure how much power you have? A Projecta battery management system will let you manage your power with ease when you’re on the road. Excellent for caravans and RVs.

Projecta Solar Panels

Looking to go solar? Projecta solar panels offer fixed, portable and folding options. Projecta Inverters can help you to live comfortably off the grid. They’re easy and safe to use, with excellent noise filtering, too. Great for powering maximum loads without the worry of power surges. Shop Projecta power solutions in our online store.

 Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kit