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Isotherm is a european brand that specialises in energy-efficient marine fridges for yachts and motor cruises. Their range includes upright compressor fridges and also drawer fridges, ranging from 36 litres up to a whopping 200 litres! Isotherm fridges are recognised for their user-friendliness, stylish design and energy-saving technology!

Isotherm Fridges for Marine Applications

If you're searching for a marine fridge, you can't go past an Isotherm Fridge! The brand has a stainless steel range which prevents the harsh marine air from damaging your fridge. The Isotherm Cruise Range has magnetic rubber seals to keep moisture out and the door firmly closed, even if you experience rough waters! Best of all, Isotherm fridges come in over 20 different capacities, so no matter what size your galley is, there’s something for everyone!

Isotherm fridges have been created to operate under the harshest marine conditions: they must be highly reliable, able to withstand rough seas, operate quietly, and draw as minimum battery power as possible! No wonder Isotherm is a world leading manufacturer of marine fridges!