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If you’re looking for an excellent value caravan air conditioner, Houghton is a great choice. This Australian brand knows how to make reliable air con units for modern caravans and motorhomes.

Houghton air conditioners

Houghton air conditioners include four rooftop and underbunk models. Don’t let the lower price fool you – you won’t be disappointed by the features. Highlights of the rooftop Houghton air conditioner include intelligent defrosting technology, three speeds, high efficiency fan, and ultra-quiet operation.

Houghton has designed suer strong and lightweight UV stabilised polypropylene air con units especially for light caravans. For added convenience, Houghton air conditioners come complete with a remote control with cooling, heating, dehumidifying, dry, sleep and timing functions. Plus, the air filter design means it’s easy and hassle-free to remove and clean the filter on the road.

Best of all, Houghton air conditioners come with an exceptional 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind.