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Simarine is a young European company that produces creative and innovative electronic battery monitoring devices for marine use. Simarine aims to set new standards in the areas of design, ease of use and functionality. That’s why you’ll find that Simarine products are user-friendly – no more spending hours flicking through complicated user-manuals to get started. Who has time for that? There are better things to do, like boating and fishing, obviously.

Keep Track of Your Battery Life and Usage Levels With a Simarine Battery Monitor

Simarine battery monitors are sleek and easy to use. They have an anodised aluminium casing and a screen made of thick glass. You can also monitor your battery information via an app. Simarine battery monitors can be linked to your smartphone with Wi-Fi, which allows you to view your battery’s data wherever you are. The app tells you everything you need to know – battery temperature, time remaining, percentage remaining, recharging progress, plus you can receive smart charging alerts. If you’re looking for a clever, easy way to keep track of your marine batteries, a Simarine battery monitor is a brilliant choice.


Simarine Pico screen and Smartphone app in Unison Batteries, Tanks, Temperatures