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Kranzle K1152TST 10A Electric Pressure Washer, 1667PSI

Kranzle K1152TST 10A Electric Commercial High Pressure Washer 1667PSI, 2 Year Warranty

$2,173 RRP: $2,415 Save: $242

7 Reviews
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Kranzle K2160TST 10A Electric Pressure Washer, 1740PSI

Kranzle K2160TST 10A Electric Commercial High Pressure Washer 1740PSI, 2 Year Warranty

$2,965 RRP: $3,295 Save: $330

5 Reviews
Take an Extra $70 OFF
Kranzle UFO round cleaner

Kranzle Kranzle UFO round cleaner

$333 RRP: $370 Save: $37

3 Reviews
Kranzle M2000 Midi Handgun

Kranzle M2000 Midi Handgun

$189 RRP: $206 Save: $17

When European company Kranzle began producing pressure washers, their goal was to surpass all others in quality and durability. That’s what drives the company to constantly innovate to ensure its products, like Kranzle pressure washers, are convenient and long lasting. At My Generator, we believe Kranzle pressure washers are excellent products, or we wouldn’t stock them in our online store. When you buy a Kranzle pressure washer, you can expect innovation, durability and great value for money.    

Heavy duty industrial cleaning is made easy with a Kranzle Pressure Washer:

Are you a cleaning professional?  Do you have some heavy-duty grime to get rid of?  Do you want a decent pressure cleaner to get the job done quickly and easily?  A Kranzle commercial electrical pressure washer has got the job covered. Kranzle pressure washers are available in hot or cold, complete with high-pressured pumps to ensure an efficient cleaning experience. Kranzle pressure washers boast technologically advanced features to deliver the highest performance when you need it. Armed with one of these convenient pressure washers, you will power through grease, grime and dirt, to produce excellent results every time.