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Got some heavy duty cleaning to do? Do you need a commercial pressure washer that can handle a high level of usage? Or a pressure washer to do some serious cleaning on the jobsite? Either way, we know you don’t want just any old pressure washer. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of Jetwave pressure washers which a reliable choice for serious commercial and industrial cleaning requirements.

Jetwave was incorporated in Australia in 1992 and is dedicated to manufacturing, designing and supplying robust industrial cleaning equipment for all purposes. Jetwave specialises in domestic, commercial and professional hot and cold pressure washers for mining, shipping, plumbing, agricultural, aviation, car washing, transportation, and construction.

Jetwave Pressure Washers:

There’s nothing like a bit of industrial strength and power to make everything shine like new. That’s what you get with a Jetwave pressure washer. Jetwave electric pressure washers easily remove grime, grease and more. And the Jetwave diesel pressure washer blasts away industrial quantities of dirt and mess without a hitch. If you prefer a petrol-powered washer, a Jetwave petrol pressure washer is easy to use and maintain. For the toughest cleaning tasks, look to a Jetwave professional pressure washer. All of Jetwave pressure washers are backed by a national service agent and spare parts network for peace of mind.


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