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Who is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in the world? The answer is Gree. Since 2005, Gree has taken the largest share of the international market for air conditioners. Gree consistently tops the world charts when it comes to the number of air conditioners sold each year – an impressive track record. To top it off, Gree is in the top 500 public companies in the world. With Gree air conditioners used globally, they must be doing something right!

Keep Cool With a Gree Air Conditioner:

Australia is a hot country with scorching summers and warm winters – especially if you’re in the Top End.  A Gree air conditioner can make a huge difference to your comfort level as you travel through this beautiful, sunburnt land. Make it your mission to stay cool with a Gree air conditioner. After a long day of exploration in the heat, just hop in your caravan and switch on your Gree air conditioner. Your caravan will become a cool, relaxing oasis where you can rest and recover.  Is there a better way to top off a real scorcher in the great Aussie outdoors? 

The Gree Roof Top Slimline Air Conditioner is one of the more popular caravan air conditioners on the market. There’s no reason to swelter through another day on the road. Check our online store for more details.

NCE Gree Roof Top Slimline Air Conditioner