Top 5 Uses For A Portable Generator

Powerful, convenient, easy to store, quick and easy to move, affordable; the many features of Portable Generators make them suitable for a whole range of uses in homes and businesses around Australia. Here, we countdown the top 5 uses for portable generator.

5. Emergency Power

Blackouts needn't lead to spoiled food and walking around by the light of a torch. You can use a portable generator to power essential small appliances, such as lights, a refrigerator, computer, TV and mobile chargers. Emergency Back Up Generators can power up mission critical appliances during black outs/natural disasters.

Generators Can Provide Emergency Power When Needed Most

4. Around the Jobsite

If you're working on a site with restricted access to an electricity supply, Portable Generator are a handy and reliable way to run your power tools and keep the job going. Nowadays, there are robust generators designed specifically for the tough demands of the worksite, including WorkCover safety features such as rollover casing and earth leakage protection, as well as heavy-duty frames.

Generator At Use On Job Site
8kva Petrol Generator: for trade and farm use

3. Outdoor Events

Ask any event coordinators and they will tell you that Portable Generator are the number one must-have for concerts, outdoor parties, weddings, festivals and markets. Whether it's a large community event or a backyard party, portable generators can provide essential power for lights, musical systems and AV equipment. By using a number of Portable Generators around the site, the event won't overload circuits or cause a power surge.

Generators In Use At Markets

Check out this sharp mobile stall van from our good friends at Wienerbago and their video below. Their Inverter Generator keeps the business running - day in, day out. If you find yourself in Adelaide drop in for a Kransky - you won't regret it!

Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator Review

2. Camping Adventure

There's nothing like enjoying the best nature has to offer, especially if you also have a few of life's luxuries on hand. Whether you're camping, caravanning, boating or 4WD touring, a portable Inverter Generator will help you power up the equipment you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip, including laptops, a small freezer, radio and mobile charger. Advances in technology mean you can choose a silent generator that won't annoy the neighbours on the site next door.

Powering Up Sensitive Equipment Whilst Camping Remotely
Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator: Features and Benefits

And at number 1: Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, bushfires, cyclones, Australia we're no strangers to natural disasters. But while the power is out, Portable Generators come to the rescue. They are used by relief agencies and emergency services to keep rescue operations on track, as well as helping families stay safe and secure.

Generator Used To Provide Emergency Power

Tell us, what do you use your Portable Generator for?

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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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