A Look at the Best Welder Generators

Thinking of buying a welder generator? No surprises there. After all, why would you buy two, three or four units when you can get everything you need in one compact package? But before you purchase a welder generator for sale, it pays to know the best brands out there.

In Australia, Powerlite, Gentech, Crommelins and Advanced Power dominate the market for welder generators. Here, we measure them up for size:

What's their story?

Both Powerlite and Crommelins Machinery has been building generators for more than 50 years and builds generators specifically for Australian conditions. What's more, Crommelins is a preferred supplier to the Hire and Rental Industry and is multiple winners of the HRIA's Supplier of the Year Award. As for Gentech and Advanced Power, these guys have been manufacturing Australia's largest range of portable generators for over 20 years and pump out some exceptional machines, particularly popular in the mining, trade and rural industries.

What's the motor?

Crommelins brand generators are powered by Subaru Industrial Engines, while Powerlite, Gentech and Advanced Power have been making models powered by both petrol and diesel engines from world-class names such as Honda and Yanmar.

So what about their welder generators?

Given these manufacturers are renowned for their industrial generators, it's no surprise that their all-in-one welder generators are renowned for their reliability and performance on the worksite.

4 in 1 Welder Generator Workstation

Sounds good - which is the best welder generator in their range?

For your more conventional, straightforward welder generators, the go-to option in petrol is the Powerlite 180amp 7kVA Welder Generator Powered by Honda: this is your no fuss, tough welder generator that will last you for years to come. In Diesel, its the Gentech 7kVA Diesel Welder Generator powered by Yanmar that you'll find in many factories or farm yards as the reliable welding unit.

Powerlite build exceptionally reliable poetrol welder generators powered by Honda engines

If you're after the best performance and value in one set, you can't go past the Crommelins 3-in-1 workstation. A 200amp welder, 7vKA generator and 12-24V battery charger is housed in one powerful unit, powered by a 13.5hp EH41 Subaru engine. Complete with a robust heavy duty steel frame, lifting eyes and a lifting bar, this unit is perfect for the workshop, demanding jobsites, outdoors or on the go.

Not to be outdone, Advanced Power has manufactured a 4-in-1 Honda powered workshop complete with welder, generator, compressor and battery charger. The generator delivers a continuous output of 5600 watts, while the welder boasts 60-180 amp welding capacity. The compressor delivers 120psi maximum air compression and a 12 volt DC battery charger completes the package. Like the Crommelins set, the Advanced Power 4-in-1 is efficient and reliable around the jobset with all the safety features you'd expect: oil lubricated pump with finned head and cooling shroud, plus low oil protection and overload circuit breaker.

Crommelins have been a long time supplier of welder generators and workstation generators to the hire industry

If you're looking for a welder generator for sale Australia, these Australian Generator Manufacturers really know their stuff! Don't forget that these Australian manufacturers also build Diesel Welder Generators: they can be slightly more expensive than their petrol counterparts, but with deisel you get greater efficiency and often longer life. Whether petrol or diesel, all the gensets are assembled in Australia, use the highest quality engines, alternators and componentry and have national service support networks available. You dont want to compromise with cheap imports when it comes to demanding trade and industry tasks.

What if something goes wrong?

All of these Australian Built Welder Generators are backed by a minimum two year manufacturers warranty. Plus, they are supported by an Australia wide service networks with first rate spare parts and after sales service acknowledged as the best in the industry.

Advanced Power Welder Generator

Which is the best value for money?

It really depends what you want from your welder generator. They all provide excellent quality machines - you can't put a price on the peace of mind that comes from knowing the welder generator will deliver the best endurance and performance on the worksite. But, if we had to make a call, we'd say that the Powerlite and Gentech ranges offer great value for money, particularly for conventional welder generator units...whereas the Crommelins range includes 3-1 workstation options and are therefore a touch more expensive.

For more information on welder generators and to discover what the best brands have to offer, check out the My Generator website.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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