Kranzle Review: How do these pressure washers rate?

When it comes to high quality, high performance commercial pressure washers, Kranzle is up there with the best. Our Kranzle review reveals why.

Kranzle pressure washer


Who is Kranzle?

Before we get stuck into our Kranzle review, let's look at a bit of company background. If you've never come across Kranzle before, the most important thing you need to know is that it's a German company. Kranzle pressure washers originate from their development centre in Illertissen, Germany.

Okay, they might not have the same brand reputation as say Gerni or Karcher in the Australian market, but they make arguably the best commercial pressure cleaners in the market. So, what distinguishes Kranzle pressure washers? It comes down to their extraordinary high quality parts, long service life, precision engineering and efficient design.

Kranzle Review
High quality, high performance units designed for use in light to medium industrial usage

Kranzle Review: Why choose Kranzle?


More Efficient:

Kranzle pressure washers are designed to allow the pump to suck up the detergent from the water tank, at the same time as the water, and apply it at high pressure. This eliminates the need for an injector and the detergents can be sprayed without reducing the operating pressure. This means the efficiency is increased by up to 30%!


Long Service Life:

Kranzle pressure cleaners are designed to extend the service life of the machine. For example, the pump heads are forged from special brass for exceptionally long life.

Also, all Kranzle pumps have ceramic coated stainless steel plungers (or pistons). This provides excellent thermal conductivity. Plus, it offers an extremely low-wear surface thanks to the hard, ceramic coating. In fact, any part of the pump and safety devices that come into contact with water are made from stainless steel or special brass. So, machine failure due to corrosion is impossible!


Slow Running Motor:

Except for a few models, Kranzle pressure cleaners are equipped with slow running 4-pole electric motors. The motors run at 1400 rpm, which is not only super quiet but means they can run for extended periods of time and will last longer.


No Kranzle review would be complete without talking about the warranty. The 10-year warranty on Kranzle pumps is testament to the quality of the product.


Bypass Operation:

Kranzle high-pressure cleaners can switch to pressure reduced bypass operation. This means the water is circulated at a residual pressure of around 10 bar, which prolongs the service life and saves energy.


Dry-run Safety:

Kranzle pressure washers are "dry run safe", which means they can be operated without water for up to 2 hours, without any damage. This is possible because all units are equipped with two teflon graphite packings per piston. Teflon graphite has excellent lubricating properties, which reduces the friction resistance and the temperatures inside the pump.


Made and Tested in Germany:

One thing that stands out in our Kranzle review is that almost 90% of the machine components (like the brass pump heads) are manufactured in Germany. This means Kranzle has total quality control over its pressure washers. Also, they test every unit before it leaves the factory. If it fails the test, it won't be shipped.


Kranzle Review: The Verdict


Kranzle is an undeniably great brand – if not one of the best in the industry. Efficient, durable and exceptionally high quality. So, if you're looking for a pressure washer for truck / tractor cleaning, cleaning vineyards, vehicles or washing driveways, we recommend checking them out.

Who is Kranzle pressure washers NOT for? If you are looking for a cheap domestic pressure washer that you only intend to use occasionally (say every few months) to wash the car or some outdoor furniture then you there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to Kranzle. Brands like Gerni (now known as Nilfisk) offer suitable domestic washers that are cheaper and designed for infrequent use. The Kranzle range is better suited for more regular, intensive cleaning requirements - if this is you, then a Kranzle will will server you well for years to come.

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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

1 thoughts on Kranzle Review: How do these pressure washers rate?

12 February 2022
Hi I'm looking to buy a pressure washer and am just starting to do a little on line research. Initially i was looking at a K7 Karcher, but have heard that AVA Master is very good and the Nilfisk brand MC 2C or MC 4M are also very good. Epic car detailing on you tubę speaker highly of Nilfisk and AVA, but seems to have gone off Karcher. No reviews on Kranzle, as he's hoping to try out one of their machine, but speaks highly of them and suggest they're the best. Is there an outlet/retailer in South Australia where i can view the product? I think the Kranzle 1152 was suggested Ti be a very good machine. Your thoughts please? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Roman.

My Generator Response
Hi Roman, Thanks for your question. Our customers have moved away from Nilfisk due to supply issues. Kranzle is our recommended brand for domestic and commercial applications, so we would be more than happy to promote it for car detailing. Our car detailer's often choose the following model due to it's handle held portability: Kranzle KHD7/122 Electric Pressure Washer, with Total Stop 1740PSI. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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