Briggs and Stratton Generator Review: Do They Stack Up?

Would you buy a Briggs and Stratton generator? They might be the king of mowing equipment, but when it comes to the generator market, is there any reason to choose Briggs and Stratton over Yamaha or Honda?...or a cheaper brand? Our Briggs and Stratton generator review has what you need to know.


Who are Briggs and Stratton?

In 1908, American entrepreneurs Harold M. Stratton and Stephen F. Briggs became business partners, and Briggs & Stratton was formed. The company has since become one of the most highly regarded brand names in the industry and the world's largest producer of air-cooled petrol engines for outdoor power equipment.

With renowned success in power equipment, it was only a matter of time until Briggs & Stratton moved into the generator space. Now they have a range of portable inverter generators designed for caravan/camping use, worksites, home backup power, small business & events, mobile catering and more.

Briggs & Stratton Inverter Generator Size Selection


What about the price? Briggs & Stratton aren't as pricey as Honda or Yamaha generators, but also not as cheap as no-name budget brands. This makes them a good option if you can't justify the spend for a premium Honda or Yamaha model, but don't want the risks of a budget 'no name' brand.


Briggs and Stratton Generator Review

Let's look at their three inverter models to see how they stack up:

Briggs & Stratton 2400W Inverter Generator (P2400):

With a peak power output of 2400 watts, this model from Briggs & Stratton hits the sweet spot for medium sized RV owners and has quickly become one of the more popular inverter generator options on the market.

Why? Because this generator satisfies the middle ground in both price and size. A 2000W generator (say a Yamaha EF2000iS) is usually more popular for camping and camper trailers because it's lightweight and easy to transport. A 3000W generator on the otherhand, is great for caravans that want to run a few larger appliances at once, such as a high power drawing air conditioner.

This means a 2400W inverter generator is perfect for most caravan owners! And if it is enough for your caravan set up, the Briggs & Stratton P2400 comes in at a compelling price of around $1300-$1400.

This wouldn't be a Briggs and Stratton generator review without a few stats. So here they are:

Weighing in at only 22.8 kilograms, the generator features easy starting and portability. It boasts a soft 58dB operating volume, which is quieter than a normal conversation. Other highlights include parallel capability and USB adapter. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty for domestic use and 1-year limited for commercial use.

2 x Briggs & Stratton 2400w Inverter Generators with Parallel Kit (Combined 3300 Watts)
2 x Briggs & Stratton 2400W Inverter Generators with Parallel Kit (Combined 3300 Watts)

Briggs & Stratton 3400W inverter generator (P3400):

The best way to review a Briggs & Stratton generator is to compare it to the competition. And when you line up this model with similar models, you are paying around half the price for the Briggs. That's just for a high quality 3400W inverter generator.

And it's not just the price that's popular; this model features 'parallel capability', meaning you can connect two P3400 models together to get 5100 watts of power. The PowerSmart mode means the generator can adjust engine speed to suit your power needs and save fuel. On the on-board LCD StatStation display, you can even see your power use, output wattage of all outlets, percentage of generator load, run time and maintenance reminders telling you when it's time to change the oil, spark plug and air filter. No wonder this model is popular for bigger caravan users, home power back-up, markets and events, and more.-

There are a couple of compromises though. You don't get an electric start with the Briggs and Stratton - it's a pull start. But at just 38.6kg and with inbuilt wheel and handles (twin-cushioned, we might add), that's a small sacrifice for an inverter generator from a quality brand.

Something that might make you think twice is the fact that the generator is not made in the United States, but China. However, it's made to stringent Briggs & Stratton specifications and comes with a 3-year limited warranty (domestic), backed by a national service network.


Briggs & Stratton 4500W Inverter Generator:

The Briggs & Stratton P4500 fills a huge gap in the market: the gap between a 3000W generator and a 6500W generator. It surprises us too that a generator of this size had not been designed before!

This generator has a maximum output of 4500W and a continuous output of 3700W. Just like the rest of the Briggs range, this generator is a pure sine wave generator meaning it can run sensitive equipment. But that isn't why we love it - we love this generator because it has a featured called the "Co Guard Carbon Monoxide Shutdown". This patent-pending technology turns your generator off when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide accumulate in the generator's operating area.

This is a game changer! Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of your family and friends (and nice neighbours at the caravan park), so we are sure you will love this feature as much as we do!

Briggs & Stratton 6500w Inverter Generator (Q6500):

The Briggs & Stratton Q6500 is the largest inverter generator in the Briggs range. With a maximum output of 6500W, this generator is suitable for running everything from a phone, to a laptop, caravan air conditioner, power tools, even right up to a coffee cart!

One of the things we love about this generator is although it has a huge amount of power, it doesn't compromise on quiet operation or weight. This generator operates at a soft 58dB operating volume and only weighs 64kg (which may sound like a lot, but it's similar competitor, the Yamaha 6300W Inverter Generator, weighs 91kg - a huge difference!). Plus this Yamaha generator will cost you a hefty $6,000 on average - that's more than double the Briggs Q6500 which will only set you back around $2,899!

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator: Features & Benefits


The Briggs Q6500 has so many top selling points:

  • Runs for 16 hours at 1/4 load

  • Has a 18.9L fuel tank

  • Features an all steel frame enclosed in a protective shell to minimise noise

  • Features two 15A outlets and two USB outlets

  • Has a massive 32 Amp single phase outlet - no other inverter generator on the market has this!

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • Includes built-in wheels and handle for easy transport

  • Has a variable RPM engine

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

Need we say anymore?!


Final Word: Briggs and Stratton Generator Review Verdict

If you want the middle ground between power, price and performance, Briggs and Stratton have it covered. You get a 3-year warranty from a long-time trusted engine brand, with lots of attractive features. Sure, if we wanted to nit-pick the features against premium brands, like Honda and Yamaha, we'll admit that Briggs isn't quite at the same level. But they're very close. And when you factor in the price, there's a lot to like about the Briggs and Stratton generators.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

3 thoughts on Briggs and Stratton Generator Review: Do They Stack Up?

27 October 2019
Hi, would it be correct to extrapolate this review to portable non-inverter generators by Briggs and Stratton? I’m comparing their 8000W Elite series to other brands. Thanks!

My Generator Response
Great question Mike. We don't actually stock the Briggs & Stratton Elite Series you speak of (we currently only sell their inverter generator range), but I am aware of the Elite models. I believe these would be comparable to the DeWalt Generators. These DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton Elite open frame gensets come fully assembled with wheel & handle kit, electric start and automatic voltage regulation (avr). They are priced well, perfect for home backup and certain worksite use. The alternatives are the Australian assembled portable 'trade' generators from the likes of Powerlite, Genelite, Gentech and Dunlite. These are almost all powered by Honda engines, come in a sturdier metal frames and if looked after can last 20 years. They are built tough and designed to handle intensive worksite and rural applications. You will pay a bit more for these, and they don't offer many of the extras listed above as standard, but the core generator components (engine, alternator, frame) are slightly higher spec'd. Either option is good - it just depends on the specific application. For infrequent use, I'd say the Briggs Elite or DeWalt models are a great choice. For regular commercial grade use, the Australian assembled sets would be best. Hope that helps.

18 January 2019
Just wondering can if you run two different name generators together?... say a 2kva plus a 1kva through a double adapter to give u a 3kva power source?

My Generator Response
Hi Neville, good question. The short answer is no. You can only pair two generators together of the same brand and usually the same model type also. For example, you can pair two Yamaha EF2000iS models to almost double the output. You will need to do this via the Yamaha parallel kit which connects the two generators. This customer here demonstrates this in a short video: You can do the same with the slightly larger Yamaha 2400w generators and connect 2 x EF2400iS models. However you cannot pair a Yamaha EF2000iS with a EF2400iS. Briggs & Stratton have two inverter generator models which have this capability also: their 2200w and 3000w can be paired via a Briggs & Stratton parallel cable. In this example, the smaller P2200i model and the larger P3000i model can be paired, however this is uncommon as the increase in power is not hugely beneficial and therefore the most popular pairing combo is two generators of the same size. We actually sell the 2 x 3000w Briggs & Stratton Generators with Paralell Kit as a Pack which delivers around 4800 watts. This has proved quite popular with people wanting power flexibility depending on different applications or jobs at the time. Just to reiterate however, you cannot pair two generators models from different brands, i.e. you cannot pair a Yamaha generator with a Briggs & Stratton generator. Thanks

19 March 2018
This Generator Blog is so Informative. I'm so Happy to READ MORE

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