What kind of warranty comes with a generator?


For any mechanical product with working componentry, you want to know where you stand with the warranty - a generator is no different. Additionally, you want to know what kind of servicing facilities are available when you require any maintenance or repair. Continue reading about generator warranty.

The type of warranty your generator holds will depend on the manufacturer and the model, but mostly it comes down to the manufacturer...let's take a quick look:

Premium brands, such as Yamaha, provide a four-year domestic warranty as standard. This is backed by a national service network, so you can be sure there are Yamaha accredited experts who are not only extremely familiar with your machine, they also have the skills and parts to service or repair it.

[caption id="attachment_906" align="aligncenter" width="560"]generator warranty Yamaha have a 4 year warranty across their range[/caption]

Budget brands, such as Cromtech, provide a 1-year warranty as standard. With most budget brands, unlike the premium brands, you don't have the same extensive national service reach. However, Cromtech is the exception to the rule because it's brought to you by Australian manufacturer Crommelins, and so you get access to Crommelins' award-winning national service network. That said, budget generator brands are intended for infrequent use, so if you intend to use your generator regularly, then its best to opt for a premium brand with the longer warranty and national service network.

For commercial or trade generators, you can't go past an Australian Manufactured brands like Powerlite, Gentech, Dunlite, Crommelins or Advanced Power who offer a full two-year commercial warranty that covers the whole unit. With these units you are getting tough, reliable gensets that use some of the world leading engine brands such as Honda, Subaru, Yanmar Kohler and they all have national service network and they use. These trade gensets are built to handle all Australian work site conditions.

What IS covered by the warranty?

Again, it depends on the unit. But generally, it is covered for any failure that results from defects or faults in the unit's materials or workmanship. In other words, something you have no control over. This failure must take place within the duration of the warranty period.

What is NOT covered by the warranty?

Things that generally aren't covered include failures resulting from:

  • User's neglect or abuse of the generator

  • An accident (Did you drop the generator? You probably won't be covered!)

  • User not operating the unit as instructed by the manufacturer. In other words, it pays to read the manual before you use the generator!

  • Damage caused by bad repair job

  • Any part or component that was not sold or manufactured by the same manufacturer as the unit. So if you bought a new part and that causes failure of the generator, you won't be covered.

That said, the unit should be covered for the repair or replacement of components that have failed within warranty period - at no extra cost.

Some of the budget brand warranties will also not cover those parts which must be replaced as part of routine maintenance of the generator, rather than as the result of a fault, such as brushes.

And finally, warranties are unlikely to cover any damage to your appliances or electrical items that occurred when the generator failed.

If something does go wrong and you need to send it to the manufacturer, there is a chance your generator warranty will not cover the cost of transportation there or back. Make sure you check this!

In any case, My Generator only stocks brands and products from manufacturers with transparent and genuine warranty coverage. In fact, we've recently stopped stocking Lectron generators because they did not offer the standard of customer service our customers expect. Each of our generators and other products on our website has full details relating to the warranty information for that item and as always, our expert customer service team is only an email or phone call (1300 400 122) away to help with any queries.

The Bottom Line?

Premium brands such as Yamaha and Advanced Power = 3-4 year warranties with extensive national service network.

Value for Money brands such as Cromtech = 1 year warranty, national service network depends on the manufacturer. For example, Lectron did not offer a national service network, but Cromtech does.

BEWARE of brands or products that do not provide full details relating to warranty or do not have manufacturer's Australian contact details or address information - you don't want to get stuck with a faulty product and then have no way to get in touch with the manufacturer!

Whichever generator warranty you want, check out our comprehensive range of quality generators at My Generator.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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20 March 2015
Hi, How can I see the service locations for the lectron generator?

My Generator Response
Hi Michael, Lectron do not have an approved national service network. They predominantly handle any warranty issues at their headquarters in Western Sydney. This is one of their main drawbacks. For simple servicing, you can take your unit to any local small engine shop and ask to pay for a service... however if you are after a brand that has an established national service network, then we recommend Yamaha - they have over 200 accredited service agents around the country. Thanks.

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