SURVIVAL Emergency Solutions Warranty

Survival Emergency Solutions, founded in 1988 by twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell, is a leading innovator in first aid emergency solutions.


Survival Emergency Solutions'  Warranty Statement: 

Regulations dictate that the expiry date on the KIT’s tag must match the shortest expiry of a component within the KIT.  Please note the zipped outer is particularly robust with a very long shelf life. Where required an expiry date is on the individual component.

‘Shelf life’ is the term or period during which a component remains suitable for the intended use. An expiry date is the termination of shelf life, after which a percentage of the component, e.g., medical devices, may no longer function as intended.

See below for the expiry dates of SURVIVAL KIT components.

  • Adhesive dressings: 3 years
  • Combine dressing: 3 years
  • Conforming bandage: 5 years
  • Cotton gauze swabs: 3 years
  • Eye pads: 3 years
  • Hydrogel: 5 years
  • Hydrogel dressing: 5 years
  • Non adherent wound dressings: 3 years
  • Saline: 3 years
  • Skin cleaning wipes: 3 years
  • Splinter probes: 3 years
  • Wound closures: 3 years
  • Wound dressings: 3 years


The brand Survival Emergency Solutions distribute include: