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RV Storage Solutions Warranty Statement

Warranty Conditions

The Warranty period commences from date of purchase. To make a warranty claim, proof of purchase (POP) or equivalent documentation must be supplied for any warranty claims to be considered.

RV Storage Solutions or its Agent must have access to the product to assess the nature of any warranty issue.

RV Storage Solutions offers a 21 day money back guarantee from date of purchase subject to POP if you are not totally satisfied with your product.

The RV Storage Solutions Warranty shall be void for the following reasons:

  • Inability to provide proof of purchase or equivalent documentation
  • Products not installed to relevant RV Storage Solutions Instructions
  • Fitting of other products to a RV Storage Solutions Cargo Barrier
  • Repairs, replacement of parts or modifications undertaken to any product without approval from RV Storage Solutions
  • Failure to observe manufacturer care, cleaning and maintenance instructions
  • Damage from misuse, abuse or overloading
  • Damage to carpet, edging’s, drawers and fridge roller through overloading, sharp objects, liquid spillage, chemicals or solvents, fire or heat
  • Damage arising from flying or loose cargo stored in or on the storage system


RV Storage Solutions, its proprietors and employees, will not be liable for any claims for damage or injury arising from the use of our storage systems and accessories in whatever situation or event and are relieved of all obligations, responsibilities and liabilities direct or consequential in the event of such damage or injury occurring. Because of the inherent use of RV & Caravans and the terrain and conditions they may encounter, the purchaser has RV Storage Solutions storage systems and/or accessories installed at their own risk. Whilst every endeavor has been made to make our product as good as it can be for the purpose intended, “cargo storage”, we cannot be responsible for what is placed in or on them, or how or what they are used for.