Phoenix Leisure Group Warranty

PLG offers a range of adventure, outdoor and travel brands. With 30 years experience, they are focusing on quality products for the customers.


Phoenix Leisure Group Warranty Statement: 

What does BlackWolf “Limited Lifetime” warranty mean?
BlackWolf are sure that they can appreciate that not everything lasts forever, however it should last for is intended purpose for a duration that exceeds most other bands.
Think of it like this – if a seam suddenly breaks open or a zipper fails on your backpack, we promise to sort it out.
However, it doesn’t cover wear and tear. Things like damage in transit by baggage handlers, storm damage that breaks a tent pole, or that the product has just worn out through excessive use, it’s reached the end of its life.

The following brands Phoenix Leisure Group distribute are:
  • BlackWolf

  • Knog

  • LifeSaver