Inverter Generator Buyers Guide

Whether at home or on the road, we rely on an array of gadgets, electronic products and smart devices. To safely power these devices, we need a certain type of energy – a cleaner and more stable energy than traditional generators are able to produce.

That's why many people are choosing Inverter generators for their power needs. Inverter generators not only produce a pure stable energy, they also come in more portable and lightweight designs that are perfect for caravanning, camping, garden use, as well as a range of other uses. On the road, you'll see most sites being powered by Inverter Generators, and if they're not – they should be!


So how do Inverter generators work? The Inverter is a lightweight microprocessor that replaces the heavy alternator in conventional-style generators. Inverter generators produce DC power and the Inverter feature converts this to 3-phase AC power at high frequency. It is then converted to DC providing a stable sine wave delivery.

Inverter generators offer a number of other benefits, including less noise, lower weight and greater fuel efficiency when compared to traditional models. Let's take a look at some of the advantages in more detail:

Lightweight and Compact

Inverter technology allows manufacturers to design ultra light and compact generators that are perfect for recreational use. In fact, the better efficiency of Inverter generators means they can be up to half the size of Conventional Generators. Complete with ergonomic handles, they are the perfect companions to keep you powered up wherever you are. And when you're not using them, they pack away neatly again.

 Quality, Stable Power

Don't be fooled by their size – Inverter generators output higher quality power than traditional generators. The best feature of Inverter generators is their ability to produce clean power free from surges or 'spikes' that can damage sensitive devices and crash computers. There are no risky fluctuations in the power generated, so you can trust the generator with your favourite equipment.

Fuel Efficiency

There's no fuel guzzling with the Inverter generator, which means you get more power for less money. The engine speed automatically adjusts in direct proportion to the load applied, maximising the fuel efficiency while maintaining 240V (50 cycles) supply. This results in a longer continuous running time, while maintaining the frequency and power for your devices.

Noisy or Nice?

Shhhhhh…camping generators have long been notorious for loud noise and vibrations, causing rifts with neighbours. This is no longer the case with Inverter technology. Because they are not constantly running at full speed, Inverter generators are much quieter than their traditional counterparts. The best designs have sound-proofed casing, insulators and mufflers meaning the noise produced is minimised. You can see from the below Noise Level Table how quiet inverter generators can be:

As with all camping generators, you need to be confident that it will meet your electrical requirements. Inverter generators come in a range of sizes to suit different recreational and domestic uses, however they are not suited for heavy commercial use.

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Lastly, you can watch this short customer video who shows how he uses his inverter generators to run his mobile food business:

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