Introduction to Solar Generators

How do solar power generators work?

Solar generators are an attractive power source for people concerned about the impact of petrol and diesel generators on our environments. The power is provided by the sun and the solar panel captures the energy from the sun, converting it to electricity and storing it into power packs.  Because solar generators use renewable energy, they don’t require any fuel and emit no emissions. 

Benefits of a solar power generator

The best thing about solar power generators is that they provide silent portable power that can be recharged from the sun:

  • No need to store fuel
  • No fumes
  • No noise
  • Some models are safe to use indoors
  • Low maintenance costs, as there are no moving parts.

Drawbacks of a solar generator

There are two key disadvantages: first, a solar power needs to be charged, or collect power from the sun, before it can be used. There also needs to be sufficient space for the solar panels to collect the solar energy. A fuel-driven generator, on the other hand, is convenient: you can simply turn it on, plug in your appliances, use the power and refuel as needed.

Secondly, solar power generators can cost more upfront. This can be a barrier for some people – though costs are coming down gradually.

What can a solar power generator power?

It depends on the size, just like any electrical generator. You can power anything from phones to laptops, tools to fridges and other power equipment.

Which solar power generator?

You can choose from a number of solar power generators, including biodiesel and hybrid generators. Hybrid units are particularly convenient option as they allow for back-up power generation using biodiesel if solar power runs out.

Other options?  

A popular approach by many customers is to have a generator specifically designed to automatically backup their solar power mains when required. These are known as auto-start or remote start generators that kick in to power the battery packs when the solar power is running low. For more information and to check out the range available, go to the Auto Start & Remote Start Generators page.