Honda Generators Prices

Honda generators prices are often much higher than lesser-known brands. The challenge is knowing whether you are just paying for the name, or if a Honda generator really does promise an unparalleled guarantee of quality.

Before you settle for Honda generators prices, it pays to shop around and explore the variety of top quality generators on the market to suit every budget, whether it be for recreational, domestic or trade uses.  Honda make a great generator, but there are some equally great alternatives out there that will suit your specific application and you will not have to pay nearly as much!

Under $1,100:  Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator

A super quiet, compact unit ideal for camping, caravanning and home backup power use. The units comes with 2 x 15 amp outlets, USB charging outlets and 12 volts DC charging. It also comes with a free dust cover to protect your unit when in storage. 

Being an 'inverter' generator, it produces ultra clean power, making it suitable to run your senstive electronic equipment such as TV's, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, camera equipment etc. 

Supported by Crommelins Machinery award winning national service and spare parts network the generator comes with a 1 year Cromtech warranty.

Cromtech 2400w generator

Under $2,500:  Briggs & Stratton 3400w Inverter Generator

The P3400 Briggs & Stratton Inverter Generator takes portable power generation to the next level. Inverter technology makes it safer for sensitive electronics and computer controlled technology supplies smooth, steady power – and adjusts engine speed accordingly to suit your power needs and save fuel. Twin cushioned carrying handles or a retractable handle and wheels make it easy to move. Plus the on-board LCD StatStation display keeps you informed about power use, run time and maintenance reminders.

 A great generator to run your recreational vehicle, or for backup power at home. Also used for small events and mobile business requirements, along with DIY or smaller work site applications. 


Under $3,000:  Yamaha EF7200E 6kVA AV Generator

A brand new model from Yamaha, the EF7200E provides a seriously impressive 11 hours of run time (quarter load) before having to refuel, thanks to a massive 28 litre fuel tank. A tough generator built to perform under demanding workloads, this new and greatly improved generator produces peak power of 6kVA and continuous running power of 5.5kVA. 

Additional features include an electric starter and digital multi-function metre display which shows running time and voltage details. This model has quickly become one of our most popular backup generators for homes that experience mains power blackouts.


Yamaha EF7200E


Over $5,000:  Yamaha EF6300iSE Inverter Generator

 Whichever way you look at it, this powerhouse is worth every last cent. It effortlessly cranks out up to 6300 watts of pure sine wave inverter power at 230 volts to run high-demand items like pumps, as well as sensitive equipment like laptops and computers. We have sold numerous of these units to mobile businesses (including Food Carts and Coffee Vans), event coordinators and for regular stand by uses. Yamaha really are in a class of their own. Note the Honda Equivalent (EU70i)  is 25 kilograms heavier! 

 Top Features:

  • Single touch electric start
  • Economy mode for better fuel efficiency
  • Low oil shutoff to protect the engine from low oil damage
  • Hour meter and fuel gauge
  • Super quiet engine
  • 4-year warranty

Yamaha EF6300iSE