Generators For Home Use

This page helps you find a suitable portable generator for home use to provide backup power during a blackout, with a comprehensive range of best-selling models listed below. There are three main types:

Inverter Generators: Lightweight and portable, the units between 2000 to 3500 watts are the most popular for Households wanting to power a few pieces of equipment like fridges, freezers, lights, as well as run sensitive electronics like laptops, mobile phones or TV's.

AVR Generators: Larger models (6kVA to 9kVA) are best suited to people requiring more power for not only fridges/freezers but perhaps also water pumps, power washers, larger tools, hot water systems and other pieces of equipment with a greater power draw. These generators are either used to run appliances directly or sometimes connected to your house/building mains by an electrician. Also a popular option for small business backup requirements.         

Auto-Start Generators: Generators (6kVA and above) that are designed to provide automatic backup power to the whole (or most) of your home. A qualified electrician is required to install and configure it to your house mains with a automatic transfer switch. These auto-start units (either petrol, diesel or gas) will automatically start up to restore whole-home power instantly when there is a blackout. Also popular units for solar power backup. 

In all cases, just be sure to get the correct wattage draw for your intended use, so you are sure to get a generator that will produce enough power for your specific needs.