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Australia, the land down under is a vast island continent. Geography and climate vary greatly from one location to another. It is a land of extremes with periods of long droughts often followed by extensive flooding.

Generators play an important role in many industries in Australia. Be they: agriculture, mining, construction, engineering or small business. If you’re looking for the cheapest prices on portable generators in Australia, you’ve come to the right place… At you’ll find the best prices on high quality generators available for delivery Australia wide.

Generators play a key role in various parts of Australian life. At My Generator, we have generators for every application. Be they; Recreational, Domestic, Trade or Industry.

Australia is a great place to explore by 4WD, caravan or motorhome. Outdoor enthusiasts are blessed with many great places to explore. In recent years, camping and caravanning has exploded in popularity. Inverter generators provide a critical portable power source to this sector whilst on location. See our range of Recreational Generators for more information.

Due to the vast distances between towns and the increasing frequency of severe weather events, portable generators have become an important source of emergency backup power for households. See our full range of Domestic Generators used for emergency backup power for more information.

Whether you’re a tradesman who needs electricity at an unpowered work site, an agricultural worker who needs portable power around the farm, or a small business owner that needs a portable power source, the benefits of a portable generator are often the key to success. See our comprehensive range of Trade Generators for more information.

The industrial and commercial sectors relay on generators every day to provide reliable power throughout Australia. Generators could be referred to the backbone of these sectors keeping them productive. See our range of Commercial/Industrial Generators for more information.

At My Generator we have generators to suit every budget. Our generator range can be delivered to your home or you can arrange pick up from over 105 conveniently located depots Australia wide. We also offer FREE delivery on selected items to capital city metro areas.


If you choose the ‘depot pick up’ option during the checkout process, we will ship your generator to your local depot in Australia. By entering your postcode to the shipping method field (located on product pages) your closest depot will be displayed. You can arrange collection from this pick up point.

Please note that we do not routinely hold stock at the depot locations. Your generator is freighted to this location after the purchase is made. You will need to buy your generator from us online (or via phone 1300 400 122) after which we will ship your generator to your nominated pick up depot for your collection.

Picking up a high quality, portable generator in Australia has never been easier. On you can browse the largest range of portable generators for sale in Australia. Save time and money and shop with My Generator now!