Diesel Generators In The Mining Industry

The mining sector is one of the largest sources of Commonwealth revenue. Diesel generators form an important if not critical role within the mining industry in Australia. Government revenue from the mining industry has been the source of much prosperity in recent years. The mining of iron ore, coal, gas or precious metals has been a key part to the success of our country over many years.

Diesel generators (both portable and stationary) supply more than 50% of the electrical demands of the mining industry in Australia. From small jobs to powering large excavation machinery and running remote offices, diesel generators are the backbone of the mining industry. Diesel is also the safest option for mine sites as it has a lower volatility rate than petrol.

Diesel Generator in Mine

Mining is essential to the success of our economy. The mining process creates energy by extracting the earth’s natural minerals. Energy from mining would be a lot more expensive without diesel generators. They provide stability, capacity and muscle when it is needed most. The mining industry chooses to use portable diesel generators and without them mining would cost more money and manpower.

New technology such as solar power on larger scale is now also being introduced to mining operations, and special back up generators are also playing their role in these new enegery and cost efficient set ups. 

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